ZPF Rejects Call For The Suspension Of Malami

The ZURU PATRIOTIC FORUM has rejected the call for the suspension of malami, minister for justice.

Below is there statement >>


The Zuru Patriotic Forum is both shocked and surprised at the cooked up, ill-advised and commercialized petition sent to the National Assembly by some so-called concerned citizens of Kebbi, who in reality have not the slightest concern for Kebbi State in their hearts. While the Zuru Patriotic Forum doesn’t intend in any way to take away the rights of freedom of expression of the signatory of the petition as enshrined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, we reserve our rights as critical stake holders in the Kebbi State project to disassociate our people from the dangerous slide to self destruction undertaken by the petitioners.


As a people and as a movement formed to ensure, contribute and propel the development of our Emirate, Zone, State and Nigeria, we are also warriors against our common enemy as a state and nation, CORRUPTION. We cant be a party to a handsomely sponsored and paid campaign of calumny against leaders just for political gains.

Obviously, one of the factors militating against the progress and development of our state is the PULL HIM DOWN SYNDROME which has become a way of life of some youths in the hands of some politicians.

One would have been happy to be associated with the “game” played by the KCC if its intentions were genuine, its accusations factual and its motives independent. To put the records straight, the KCC has played itself carelessly into the hands of Sahara Reporters, a medium that has sworn to destroy whatever good image is left of the northern leaders and the North itself. It has launched ruthless and baseless attacks on some of the finest leaders we have including Minister Ali Pantami and the Hon. Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami San.


What else can be more self destructive than this unholy alliance ? We are glad that some of the reasonable Direectors of the KCC including Nasiru Karofi, Aliyu Bunza and Ibrahim Jikan Dede have disassociated themselves from the infamous action.

The ZPF encourages citizens to challenge bad leadership and encourage patriotic leaders to do more to bring development to our state.

The Minister of Justice has done well in his investments in human development through the provision of employment opportunities for people.

We are happy with the role he played together with our distinguished Senator Bala Na’Allah and Governor Bagudu in the presentation of the Bill, its signing by the President and eventual establishment of the Federal University of Agriculture in Zuru. For us, this is unprecedented.

We want to call on the youths of Kebbi State to wake up and contribute to the development of the State instead of allowing themselves to be used in the transfer of the envy and bitterness of selfish politicians to themselves.

We understand that 2023 is what has continued to guide these dirty schemes. We want the development of our State not political bickering.

Kebbi State is presently battling with many problems requiring the attention of leaders; bad roads, poor infrastructure. unemployment, poor health system, education and many others.

Our leaders should all come together and solve these problems because that is the essence of democracy and representation.

This can only happen in kebbi State where some people gang up to bring down their Minister.

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We reject loudly, the call for the suspension of Malami. The fight against corruption must be fought with more ruthlessness. It is a case of corruption fighting back. We demand for good governance but reject self destruction.

in conclusion, let it be noted that KCC and Sahara Reporters do not and can not represent our interest as a people.

Thank you and may God bless our dear state and nation.

Chairman ZPF.
Sani Yusuf Tadi.

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