Rivers Youth leader Daminabo Alali Daniel who happens to be the Student Union Government (SUG) President of the Rivers State University Of Science And Technology (RSUST) ,  has  frowned  at the manner in which INEC has left Rivers state without representation at the national assembly, in his letter to President Buhari , he stated clearly that he is not holding brief for any political party, that his major concern is the full representation of Rivers people at the national assembly ;  APC,PDP,KOWA e.t.c

 The letter reads;

 In view of the continuous absence of dully elected Representatives of
Rivers State at the National Assembly, I write to express my dismay and
dissatisfaction over the unfortunate scenario.
May, I state here
categorically, without mincing words, that the said lack of
representation, close to a year now, has its peculiar and undeniable
consequences on Rivers People.
At this juncture, it is pertinent
to mention that this unfortunate but avoidable episode has denied Rivers
People, adequate moral and general representation in the National
Benefits accruable to Rivers State, if there was due
representation, such as Constituency Projects, Heading of Senate Adhoc
Commitees, and Practical Vocal Presentation of issues affecting the good
people of the State on the floor of the Senate and the House of
Representatives, has been aborted for such a long period of time without
any genuine attempted remedy.
It is in view of the above that I
write to you as a concerned Citizen of the Nigerian State, an indigene
and Student Leader in Rivers State, as well as a victim of such
undemocratic Legislative Embargo, to directly draw your attention, and
to beseech you to use your good office to appropriately address the
above stated issues.
We the indigenes of the state are truly fed
up with the political tussle in the state, that has direct implication
resulting in the under representation of the state in the National
Assembly and thus, have called on your office to directly intervene in
this matter. At this point, the matter of political party should be kept
aside. All we want is a good representation in the National Assembly,
and that representation can come from any political party, for such is
the beauty embedded in Democracy which the Nigerian state practices.
May, I also express my dissatisfaction towards the way and manner the
Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has conducted itself in
relation to this particular issue and their inability to promptly
address this prolonged indirect disenfranchisement, despite its
overbearing defects.
As the said Electoral Umpire has failed
woefully, to conduct a free credible election to fill in the vacant
National Assembly positions for the State, since after the Tribunal, and
Court of Appeal annulled an earlier conducted election more than a year
Furthermore, it is unspeakable, and highly undemocratic,
that decisions/policies about the aggregate good of a Nation (Nigeria)
is done for such a distant time, without an input from a prominent and
unarguably key territory in the Nigerian Federation and this is highly
unacceptable to me, as a youth leader of Today.
I make bold to
say that, Rivers State is a core part and progressive stakeholder in the
Nigerian project, which has over the years contributed immensely, its
quota for the collective unification and economic sustainability of the
country, as such, cannot be denied the right for equitable
representation in the Federation.
I wish to further state here
Sir, that no clear reason has been adduced for such day light Political
marginalization. As the security breach the Independent National
Electoral commission (INEC) claims to be the reason for the further
postponement is a far cry from the reality on ground. In as much as
there is no place on earth without violence, it is unfair to use the few
cases of violence as a phrase to describe the general assumption of a
May I therefore once again, plead with Mr. President, to
launch into action by immediately mandating the Independent National
Electoral Commission, alias INEC to conclude all pending elections in
the state as they have scheduled by October 2016, to enable Rivers
people have their law makers in the Apex Law making body in the country.
It is true that we the youths are the future leaders of tomorrow, or as
I rather say, the youths are the future leaders of today, thus should
be given a say when we express our views on National Issues that affects
our lives.
Let me thank you once again for the times you have
given the youths a voice in your administration and hopefully wish you
treat this letter with priority.
I am confident of your ability
Sir, to address the above outlined issues, to entrench peace, equality
and tranquility in Rivers State, and Nigeria at large.
Yours Faithfully
(Concerned Youth Leader, Social Commentator and Civil Activist)

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  1. We need to understand that what is happening in rivers state now is not good for the people and tje the government need to do something about it

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