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Wike’s forced retirement of 14 Perm Secs, closure of RSSDA are needless acts of vendetta – Rivers APC

The Rivers State Chapter of All Progressives , , views the compulsory retirement of 14 Permanent Secretaries in the Civil Service of the Rivers State Government by Gov. Nyesom as an act conceived and executed in bad faith to punish people, relations or spouses of those perceived to have

worked for the Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi administration or sympathetic to the APC.

The APC considers the sudden retirement of these exemplary senior civil servants as a vindictive act by Governor . Whereas these individuals toiled to keep the civil service of the State, which is the engine room of government, working for the good of the people, Nyesom Wike has decided to punish them for doing their legitimate duties as civil servants. Instead of acknowledging and rewarding them with recognition, the vengeful governor decided to summarily send them away on compulsory retirement just to exact needless pound of flesh.
The APC similarly notes that Gov. Wike has formally shut down the Rivers State Sustainable Agency [RSSDA]. Instead of the governor tasking his intellect for once to find an acceptable solution to the matter or doing the very basic thing of paying the seven months salaries owed the RSSDA workers from the numerous loans he has collected, he rather chose the primitive option of closing down the agency and had the shameless audacity to formally announce the mean decision yesterday.
The APC condemns these wicked decisions by Wike and urge those directly affected to remain strong and prayerful as God will ultimately see off the Wike rogue regime. There is no doubt at all that God will complete what he has started by getting the so-called election of Governor Nyesom Wike finally dumped into the abyss of history very soon.
Chris Finebone
State Publicity Secretary
Sat, November 21, 2015.

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