Law students of Rivers State origin who are at different campuses of the Nigerian Law have cried out that the Governor of Rivers State, Chief Nyesom Wike deceived them when he visited the Faculty of Law of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology. The aggrieved students told newsmen that the Governor himself, not a representative, promised them that he will pay the fees of all law graduates of Rivers State extraction who make it to the Nigerian Law School. But to their greatest dismay and chagrin the governor has reneged on that promise leaving Rivers State Law Students in these campuses in precarious and helpless situations.

The aggrieved law students said their hopes were raised by the governor’s promise. They said the governor’s promise came to them as a huge relief considering their backgrounds.
A lot of persons had to borrow to go to the Law School with the assurance that the money promised them by the governor will be paid but the money never came, they said.

They said: “When we heard that the money has been approved by the Governor, we heaved a sigh of relief but were disappointed when the money never came to us.
“Now that we are on break, we made several attempts to see the governor but couldn’t see him as his aides never allowed us see him. We ended up seeing the the Accountant General of Rivers State who told us point-blank that there is no money in the State to pay us and that we should forget about the Governor’s promise. As we speak, a lot of us are stranded and frustrated as a result of this deceit. We don’t know how we can go back to our various campuses as the Nigerian Law School is resuming next week.”

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The aggrieved Law School students who expressed disappointment in the Wike administration said the government is built on falsehood, outright deceit and a total departure from what the immediate past administration of Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi believed in. The Amaechi administration ensured that the school fees/special grants of Law Students at the Nigerian Law School were borne by the State. They said: “The sets before us had their fees paid by the River State Government when Rt. Hon. Amaechi was the governor, why has the Wike-led government refused to pay us. We have lost faith in this deceitful, retrogressive and anti-people government.”

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