Yesterday, the Speaker of the kangaroo Rivers State House of Assembly was removed. Some say he resigned, others say he was impeached.
Either ways, the truth is that Ibani Ikuinyi Owaji is no longer the Speaker of the Wike puppet Assembly. You would recall that 31 out of 32 members of that House were produced from the Gesila Khan’s laboratory of impunity and electoral recklessness. The only member of the House who won his election and was declared winner by the INEC is Hon. Josiah Olu, also known as Shai. Shai represents the good people of Eleme in the House.

Following the swearing in of Chief Nyesom Wike as governor by the Chief Judge of Bayelsa State on May 29, 2015 and subsequent inauguration of the Rivers State House of Assembly in June, the Speaker and other principal officers of the House were elected. The Obolo Prince, Uche Secondus, the embattled Acting National Chairman of the crumbling PDP had his way. He had his boy, Ibani Ikuinye Owaji elected as Speaker.

The APC had insisted that the minimum requirement expected of a credible and fair election was not complied with by the Rivers State INEC. The Rivers State INEC is headed by one Gesila Khan-a woman whose rapacious and ravenous crave for pecuniary is uncontrollable. She became a willing tool in the hands of principles-bereft PDP and the result of such an unholy alliance is the attempt to force this bitter pills down our throats. The APC resisted. The APC went to the tribunal. Knowing full well that the APC will win its cases, Uche Secondus started talking with Dr. Dressman, APC’s House of Assembly candidate for the Andoni Constituency. The Obolo Prince made it sufficiently open to Dr. Dressman that Wike has a bad case and that the obviousness of the courts nullifying Wike’s election cannot be questioned and so the need for him(Dr. Dressman) to back down to pave the way for a fellow Obolo man to be Acting Governor and subsequently another Obolo man elected Governor but Dr. Dressman turned him down. The game plan was for Speaker Owaji to be Acting Governor as soon as Wike is sent packing by the courts and then Engr. Tele Ikuru to run for Governor. The whole idea was for him(Uche Secondus) to use his office as Acting National Chairman of the PDP to deny Chief Wike the guber ticket of the PDP in the rerun election. While he was planning, an invisible hand sponsored Ahmed Gulak to challenge his position in court and just last week he was shoved out of office as Acting Chairman of the PDP.

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Now, you may want to ask why Adams Dabo of Okrika Constituency of the Rivers East Senatorial District(same Senatorial District as the embattled governor) as Speaker? Adams came into the picture because he is the only member of that House whose election was not challenged. The APC candidate for Okrika Constituency abandoned his case at the tribunal midway. I think that Chief Wike might have thought that 30 PDP State lawmakers will be flushed out next week, leaving only Adams and Hon. Josiah Olu in the House. Alternatively, Chief Wike might have thought that the appeal of Owaji might be upheld thus paving the way for the actualization of Prince Secondus’ plans of having two of his kinsmen as Acting Governor(Owaji) and elected Governor(Engr. Tele Ikuru) back to back. The Wike/Secondus scheme reminds of a book I read long time ago. It is titled: “The Little Snake and The Little Frog”.

-Achor Omodu


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