The OGONI/ANDONI/OPOBO & NKORO UNITY ROAD, was initiated by the administration of H.E Peter Odili. The Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi led government, continued with the project and made very commendable progress, completing all the major bridges/culverts, with the good people of Ogoni, Nkoro and Andoni being able to access their communities via this road.

The Opobo people, for the first time ever, in December 2012, rode on motorbikes and drove their cars into Opobo-Town. This was a monumental and historical achievement by the H.E. Rotimi Amaechi’s led government, of which Opobians will ever remain grateful, though the road wasn’t totally completed as at the end of that administration.

During the 2015 election campaigns, in Opobo, the incumbent governor, did promise that he’ll continue and complete the said project. On assumption of office, during one of his visits to Opobo, the governor reassured the good people of Opobo, that the project will be completed during his first year in office.
Unfortunately, the project at talk, remains perpetually abandoned, for no justifiable reason.  Meanwhile, other projects, started by the last administration, situated in Obio-Akpo/PHALGA and other Ikwere speaking LGA’s, were given priority attention and completed promptly.

Surprisingly, for obvious political reasons(the stop at all cost syndrome),  governor Wike has flagged-off a new road, within the same constituency(Kpopia, Bori-Kono road)!
Who is deceiving who?
Why abandon such an important road, which has reached nearly 75% completion! only to commence a new one within the same vicinity?

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If the reason for abandoning the OGONI/ANDONI/OPOBO & NKORO UNITY ROAD is paucity of funds, then from where will the Rivers government get the money to fund the newly innitiated “Bori-Kono road”?
Or, could it be true that the governor abandoned the said project, because his rival, Hon. hails from Opobo?
At the moment, the people of Andoni, Opobo & Nkoro are the end losers of this act of insensitivity and neglect to their plight as a people. As at date, since inception of this administration, no single project, has been initiated within these communities and many others, except in Obio-Apko & PHALGA!!

Ken Minimah
Chief Servant
Greater Together New Media Team.
Writes from Obio-Akpo.
“Truth Must Prevail”.

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