Who HATES THE KALABARI’S ~ By Abiye S. George

The kalabari nationality in rivers state is a revered ethnic group for her distinguish tradition, culture, people, achievements in education, , society and early developments.
The underneath fight to whittle the prowess of the kalabari’s has being an orchestrated plan which have succeeded in the disunity of the people and fragmentation of the love and growth of the region.

It is not a surprise to some of us that the Wike led administration is towing that part of hate, deprivation with a political ploy to undermine the wealth and knowledge of the kalabari’s. The kalabari’s are endowned with great sound minds and educated personalities to man any sector of society with adequate results to follow, but what do we get from the Wike administration, Miltants as Assembly members and Caretaker committee chairmen. Shall we continue to keep quiet that this embarrassment to the kalabari nation should continue, an emphatic NO!

The Opunabo Inko Tariah testimony is a proof to the hatred Wike has for the Kalabari’s as a wish of death on a kalabari son is condemnable and Wiked, it’s also a flagrant disrespect on the character and person of Late Justice Inko Tariah and a sacrilege to have insulted a bonafide kalabari sage, legal luminary and legend of the bench in Rivers State undermining his immense contributions to the legal institution in rivers state and Nigeria. “Opunabo go and die with your father” a quote by Wike to his former SA on media and publicity, which up till now hasn’t being refuted by the Wike’s administration.

In the appointment into Wike’s cabinet the people of Degema LGA has being neglected forgetting the history and contributions of the LGA to the development of Rivers state, it would be believd that he suffers from amnesia hence the roles of Degema LGA in the old rivers state could be eroded through negligence and abandonment of the people.

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-Abiye S. George
-Human Right Activist
-Public Affairs Analyst.

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