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Anyone who must be a good leader must first master the act
of followership and every good and loyal follower must follow with a reason.
As at 2006 I was already an undergraduate studying one of
those Engineering courses in the University, hoping to make a great Engineer
even though that was not my original intent. I had wanted to be a scientist or
study Law, but how I got there? only God has the answers.
I had good dreams and aspirations, anything good you could
think of but certainly not politics. In fact I hated politics and  told myself severally that I would have
nothing to do with it ( One of Nigeria’s biggest problems today- Her young ones
shy away from politics leaving it to less capable persons)
So I told just about anyone who cared to listen that I was
never going to do politics. I hated the intrigues, I disliked the grimy
machineries by which it was played, I loathed its circuitous nature.
Some time in 2007, Amaechi became Governor of Rivers State
and appointed my Kinsman Chief Barr. Nyesom Wike, now Executive Governor of
Rivers State, his Chief of Staff. This appointment gradually changed my outlook
on politics as I saw the need to join my kinsman to follow Governor Amaechi.
I shuttled between Port Harcourt and Owerri most times,
leaving school, to help with one party related activity or the other back at
home. Some times I would come from School (Owerri) to Port Harcourt just to
attend a town hall meeting with the Chief 
of Staff. Apart from the goodwill messages he brought to us from
Governor Amaechi which I enjoyed listening to the most, we were usually given
some  “thank you for Coming.”
At least that took care of my troubles and transportation
fare back to School in Owerri.
In 2015, shortly after the general elections, in a sudden
twist of events, Governor Amaechi and his Chief of Staff, Chief Barr. E.N Wike,
had a political rift and parted ways.
They Were no longer together and I had to make a Choice as
to whom to follow. Should I follow my Kinsman,Chief Wike? Or Should I follow my
Icon, Governor Amaechi?
I had to make a choice, I needed to take a decision. Boldly
and Courageously I followed my CONVICTION over KINSHIP.
I chose to follow Governor Amaechi. It was a necessary
It was the first real test of my love for Amaechi.
Meanwhile, all along, Barr. Tasie Wike, was with APGA.
But shortly after Chief Barr E.N Wike parted ways with
Governor Amaechi, say around 2012 or thereabouts, Barr. Tasie joined Amaechi.
So I followed  him.
Through the moments of trials in the PDP, then the new PDP and Eventually the
APC, he followed Amaechi and I followed him.
We worked together to build the APC in my Ward against all
odds. Through thick and thin we stuck together and held the banners of APC high
in my Community and Ward.
Recently, on September 12, 2016, in another twist of
events,  Barr. Tasie Wike, left the APC
for PDP.
I was dealt a huge blow. He was my political leader and
friend.  Here, it was again, another test
of my loyalty and love for Amaechi.
Should I follow  Barr.
Tasie whom I have worked with all these years? Or Should I follow my Icon,
Again, I defied the ties of Kinship. I followed my
I elected to follow Amaechi. I chose APC over PDP. For the
second time, my love for Amaechi  triumphed
over Kinship and friendship.
For me, Amaechi represents an Ideal which I must follow. He
is Simply the *reason.* It doesn’t matter what circumstances I find myself, if
I have to choose again, the choice will remain the Same (Amaechi ).
Yes! That is how much I love and look up to him.
The most important thing the reader should know is that
whoever must earn my followership MUST in turn be a true follower of Amaechi.
This is not negotiable!
Chibuike Amaechi

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