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What Just Happened?

I believe that most people can agree that we are in very
desperate times.
With the transitioning from one president to another with a
completely different outlook on how the country should be run, we need to stand
together and trust the leadership and the majority opinion. We need to realize
that these times are the turning point to blast off into the future and the
technology age. We need to have a strong leader that knows what he is doing and
is willing to do everything in his power to protect, respect and cherish this
great nation.

First and foremost, the new president, Mr. Donald J. Trump
is a man who has been working and prospering in the United States his entire
life. He has built a great company from the ground up. We can all agree that
when it comes to and the art of making the deal, that Mr. Trump knows
what he is doing. With this being said, he needs to realize that half of the
United States population did not vote for him and do not agree with many of his
policies. He needs to bring light to them and show them that they have been
lied to by the Obama administration and the mainstream media. People need to
understand that we need to come together and go back to the old policies that
worked and bring back the America that we once knew. Hard working Americans
built this country with the direction and vision of great pioneers of their
time. The Gilded age is a great example of how a few men with a vision,
transformed the way that people conducted their large industries. With the
leadership and determination of men such as Andrew Carnegie, John D.
Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan, the United States was able to become the world
power that is still is today. Strong leadership is the backbone of any working
system. Without leadership, people are able to become confused and hopeless of
the task at hand.
With the leadership and power that Donald Trump possesses,
we are able to transform this country way beyond what anyone can imagine. With
the great network of many individuals from many different background, we are
able to work together and be persistent and determined to transform America. We
will not be able to do it with only one group of people. We need to come
together as a whole and work with one another to change that way people act and
think. We need to create in the inner cities and help people in need but
in the same matter give them a chance. With people with little hope and work
ethic to be able to become strong and confident in themselves and create a life
they are proud of. They need to set their minds on thing higher than pay check
to pay check or even free handouts from the . They need to realize
that when they put their mind on anything and work together that they are able
to come out of the poverty that the left has dug them into. We need to stay
strong as families and work together in our small businesses and have each
others backs in times of needs.
With this being said, a new president is not going to do
this by himself. If we think that the president is going to change the way we
and think, we are gong to be sadly mistaken. The president is there to
enact hope and progress in our minds. The real transformation is not going to
come from laws or bills that are passed, nonetheless, these are important and
we must be knowledgeable of what to think. However, the real change is going to
come from the American people and the realization that we have so much
potential and we have a great opportunity ahead of us. The president needs to
enact positive thinking and a great outlook on life. We are in such a great
situation and we need to realize this. Everyone has an equal opportunity to
make something great. We need to get rid of the notion that some people are
more privileged that other. We need to stop blaming others for our misfortune.
We need to go out and act, speak, and believe that we can be great and that we
will be great.
Now, go out and rejoice the opportunity that you possesses.
Surround yourself with great people and positive thinkers. Stay positive
yourself and become the person people want to be with. There is always hope.

CJ Letterman
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