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We Will Escort Abe To His Political Burial ~ Former Supporter Asserts


Dr. Fidelis Mene Barizazi, a Houston-based academic and politician, who has been a long time diaspora-mobilizer for former Senator Magnus Ngei Abe of Rivers State, has lamented the recent dimension which the one time Rivers’ Governorship aspirant has taken his political desperation. Fidelis, who led at the front, mobilizing funds from Ogonis in the USA for the Abe failed Guber drive, expressed manifest distaste for Magnus Abe’s new trend of always taking his former boss to the media with very bizarre and angst-filled abuses and fire-works, even when his target had been silent over all these. The very one which irked the Ogoni-born technocrat, is a recent discredited video which Abe had insisted that Rotimi Amaechi sponsored.

Amaechi And Magnus

Fidelis called that video publication by Senator Magnus Abe on Facebook as shame, saying it was too childish to imagine a man of such calibre as a former Senator and of Rivers State , to have taken to such Social Media tantrums, even when he had greater task I National duty like his recent job as NNPC Board Member to focus on.

Dr. Fidelis, had personally cautioned Mr. Abe in the past that Rotimi Amaechi was the one who God used to save his life some years ago during Ogoni Day Celebration, when aggrieved Ogonis attempted to lynch him (Mr. Magnus) in Bori, headquarter of Ogoni, for playing the role of god, and hijacking everything that was meant for Ogoni nation during the Administration of his benefactor. One of such was the very important Sakpenwa-Bodo road, which Governor Nyesom had always boasted of evidences how this lofty Amaechi dream for Ogoni vanished into thin air courtesy of himself (Abe) who was a Cardinal in the Amaechi Political family.

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An obviously dissatisfied Fidelis have this to say:

“Abe is going berserk with frustration. Amaechi’s silence in the face of his imminent political oblivion and the dramatic turn of events in the party that had removed the anchor that sustained his relevance and accommodated his self- inflicted political misadventure, is causing upon him spasm of schizophrenia and self-deprecating psychosis.He is gasping for breath. His political life is steadily moving towards irredeemable extinction. How can you explain this charade? That Magnus Abe will think that holding on to a discredited video as a political tool to smear Amaechi’s character?
Isn’t that an indication that he has run out of options?
We would escort him to his political burial; It’s a suicide.
May his political soul rest in peace…”

Fidelis has ceased to support Mr. Abe, as he condemned vehemently the height of ungratefulness of a man who rode to fame on the political generosity of the Honorable of Transportation.

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