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University Don faults Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s claims on Covid-19 and 5G

Dr Lawrence Chuku, a senior lecturer with University of in the biochemistry department has faulted Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome’s teachings on and 5G.
In an article which was made public by the university Don, clarified the Public on the much heated debate on viruses and 5G.

The article reads:
All that is on earth is created by God as Man and Science has no power of creation- they only discover and probably modify what is already in existence. From the simplest form of life is the CELL which is universal to all organisms. It is the smallest living thing and the basic units of organization of all organisms. No additional cells are originating spontaneously at present as new cells originate from pre-existing cells through division.

Viruses,  protozoa, paramecium, the fungus Rhizopus and the algae Vaucheria do not fit into the purview of the cell theory (which stipulates that a CELL must have a set of genes, a limiting plasma membrane and a metabolic machinery), but they are merely deviations to the said theory. In science, their are usually deviations in established theories.

Viruses have a strand of nucleic acid usually surrounded by a protein coat (COVID-19 strain of -coronaviruse is surrounded by a lipid coat). Nucleic acids is the genetically hereditary macromolecules either in the form of DNA or RNA, and confers to the Viruse(s) the capacity to or of auto-reproduction (self-reproduction, without external assistance), hence also with a capacity of mutation. They only do this in a host cell (animals, plants and ), in which they (viruses) use their metabolic machineries but the viruses use their own genetic machinery for reproduction but only rely on the raw materials (amino acids, nucleotides, ribosomes, tRNAs, enzymes etc) of the host cells. But outside the host cells, viruses are like non-living inert particles, reason why it is a deviation to the theory of the CELL, but does not mean that it is not created by God and not living like other microbes. That’s the reason why Biochemists describe it as naked genes that had somehow acquired the ability to move from one cell to the another, or as a cellular forms that have degerated through parasitism, or as primitive organisms that have not reached a cellular state.


Viruses are created by God, same manner God created the Minerals, ALL energies, plants and animals. The pandemic(which is endemic), which is before us today known as novel coronavirus  belongs to a family of virus known as coronavirus which have been in existence either in the form of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS- coronavirus) or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SARS-coronavirus). novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a mutated, hence a strain of SARS-coronavirus, reason why literature has it as SAR-coronavirus-2. From the theory of the CELL no other cell type can emanate spontaneously but must come from existing ones. COVID-19 emanated naturally and wasn’t created by any scientist.

For the correlation of the fifth generation (5G) to COVID-19, I will forward the excerpts from authorities in Nuclear Physics to debunk and puncture the very ridiculous assertions of Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome. Our people shouldn’t be misinformed even in the house of the Lord. Some of us Scientists are very strong believers of the book of Life- the Bible, whatever it says is bound to happen, but we don’t have the anti-christ yet.

The Biblical account of creation is in tandem with the Scientific evolution of life from the Mineral state of existence through plants to animals. All that is in existence, whether animate or inanimate is made by God, first and second laws of  thermodynamics had explicitly explained that conservation and transformation.

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