The  meeting of the National Executive Committee, NEC,  has come and gone, but the significance of the steps taken as we begin a new journey of great hope and progress still linger on.

That meeting called to set a new template for order and decorum within our ranks and file dissolved the , ordered a halt to ongoing hostilities within our great party, and set up a Caretaker Committee headed by Governor Buni of Yobe State.

The outcome of that meeting has not been without its lessons. First and foremost, the decisions reached have demonstrated that the key to the revival of the ,  and the attainment of a prosperous future that we seek, lies in embracing peace and unity.

Secondly, it has proved that the leaders of our great party have the best interest of a great majority of our party men and women at heart. By virtue of the resolutions which were taken at the NEC meeting,  all APC members have been presented with a unique opportunity to solidify the foundation on which the success story of our great party was built.

Thirdly, those decisions have taken care of the rascality that has resulted in the breakdown of party discipline, party cohesion and party unity.

For so long, our membership in has yearned for the restoration of peace and concord. We have been worried by the interference of  external forces in our internal affairs, and the penchant which has paved the way for disorder, rancour and bitterness.

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The Rivers Caretaker Committee comprised of statutory members recognizes the inherent danger that these trends pose to our common aspirations.  We similarly recognize that there are pockets of disagreement within our ranks which must be straightened out.

Accordingly, we have embarked on a number of actions which would cement the basis of party unity. The leadership enshrined by the statutory members of our party in Rivers has stepped up consultations. We shall continue to do so.

We believe that the directive urging all those who have gone to court to withdraw their cases was not made in spite of the legal rights that aggrieved members may have. In our view, it is a decision taken in order to promote effective communication as well as constructive engagement amongst party members.

Together, we can dream great dreams, renew out faith in the cardinal principles of our party which are enshrined in the APC Constitution, and embark on the onerous task of rebuilding our great party.

This is in line with the ruling of Justice Omereji who in his wisdom adviced members of the party to commence the rebuilding process, not just for ourselves, but in the interest of the Rivers people.

We have faith in the ability of Rivers Progressives to reconstruct the future. To do so, we must come together as one. We have no doubt, regardless of the pain and anger which may exist, that we can rise to the occasion in the interest of our teeming members who look up to us for guidance and leadership.


To this end, we urge our members to embrace the window of opportunity that has been provided, following the dismantling of structures, which hitherto allowed the promotion of hate, disunity and the rule of the jungle.

We assure that the Caretaker Committee led by Hon would remain astutely focused on conflict resolution. This is in addition to laying the structural foundation for the commencement of party activities.

So help us God.

Ogbonna Nwuke,
State Publicity Secretary,
Rivers APC.

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