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The Virus That will Change The World


These uncertain times will definitely cause you stress and anxiety if you allow them to.

The methods used to keep your mindset on track normally are equally as powerful during these times.

Stress and anxiety 95% of the time is caused by us trying to answer questions when we are not in possession of all the data.

Our brain is a binary system and can only reach an answer if the next question can be answered with yes or no and when we start saying what if or maybe it cannot give an answer and that can cause the brain to panic because there is no definite answer and that is the stress and anxiety you feel.

As I always say this stuff is not easy to apply because it flies in the face of all you have been taught until now and it is the ability to apply these teachings when things are tough that is the real secret to success.

At the moment there is so much uncertainty being fed to you on a daily basis that your mind is in overdrive trying to answer all your questions but without all the data it cannot possibly give you any answers or find you a .

Many years ago I tried to work out how to overcome this situation and I came up with a very simple test to defuse this stress and anxiety.

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If you are feeling anxious or stressed about a situation you must ask yourself two questions:

1. Have I done everything I can?

  1. Is there anything else I can do? and if the answers are yes, in no particular order, there is NOTHING you can do about it now so you must let go and just say to yourself, I will deal with what happens when it is real.

I appreciate that this is extremely hard to do but the more you do it the easier it gets.

All any of us can do at the moment is follow the advice we are being given, which at the moment is wash your hands regularly whilst singing happy birthday and cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze.

Creating possible scenarios of doom and gloom is totally different to putting in place contingency plans but even that can create panic.

As much as possible try and carry on as normal because whatever happens it will be the same for everybody and it will be your ability to just action things when they are real that will stand you in good stead to weather this storm.

Croz has been coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs, helping people find and giving career advice for many years. He talks regularly to groups and individuals, spreading his valuable message in an entertaining and humorous way.

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