Kennedy Friday 

February is on its inevitable way to empty into March and March into April, yet, no Rivers man or woman knows one sentence, one paragraph, one figure in Wike’s secretly arranged and nocturnally passed 2016 budget of Rivers State, a state with the second largest economic base closely behind Lagos.

And I am compelled ask. The 2016 budget of Rivers State is cobbled together in whose interest? Now, if the budget is in the interest of Rivers people, why should wielders of power in the state consider it a sacrilege for the people to know even a figure in the budget? How can you claim that something is in my interest, yet, you do everything to keep such a thing buried from the reach of my knowledge?

Ironically, you will see young Rivers men and women rush here to heap insults on me for daring to ask the Rivers State Government to make details of its budget open to the public. That, in my thinking, is the real tragedy. That a people so deprived and deceived and bamboozled and chained down and impoverished will gleefully rush in defense of a system designed to keep them far beneath the acceptable standard of living.

And isn’t it anachronistic that in an era where governments everywhere are marching towards the majestic height of openness, probity and accountability, the Wike government is relapsing into an unspeakable shade of darkness and secrecy where government activities are buried away from the knowledge and awareness of the led?

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Like I said earlier on this page, the time for is gone. This is a time for government to act right. This is a time for reasonable citizens to make reasonable demands on government. And as a notable opposition voice, I will be drawing light closer to the dark conscience of this government for the overall interest of Rivers people, even if I become a lone voice in the wilderness.

And for those who will come here and blow the vuvuzela of this secret government, I will counsel, from the benefit of experience, that you are not doing anything to push this government on the path of nobility.

If some Rivers people could indulge in scathing criticism of the government of Amaechi which I consider one of the best in the history of Rivers State, then before you come and haul your excessive gutterism on me for asking your “High Tension” to make details of our budget public, take a few minutes and ponder about the inescapable verdict of history that will come on the Wike government. Like Ken Saro Wiwa said, we all live before history.

Please, dear Governor WIKE, make details of our budget available now. Budget is not a secret cult order!

Kennedy Friday
Port Harcourt.

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