A Port Harcourt born cleric, now resident in Illorin has exposed Governor Nyesome Wike of Rivers State yet again, his most recent letter to the people of Rivers State reads :

Dear Rivers people, be warned, Mr. Wike is a dangerous and treacherous human being, I make bold to say that, his selfish and greedy ambition contributed largely to the collapse of PDP and the fall of H.E. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

He summoned a meeting of his closest political associates in his Abuja residence. Wike opened the meeting with a narrative of the raging disputes between GEJ & CRA, which he stated was a positive development, that will in turn, work to our advantage. This was hard to understand, but he opened up further and explained how he was in a position to widen the gap between the duo and ensure that the seeming difference between the two leaders escalates further. Majority of us couldn’t comprehend his position then, but rather suggested that we find a way to bring truce amongst the two(2) leaders of our party. He vehemently objected to any suggestion towards making peace, but stated that it was an opportunity he was praying for and swore to do anything humanly possible to ensure that peace will never reign between GEJ & CRA.
He went further to state how the fracas between GEJ & CRA will work in our favor, but that he needs total cooperation from his closest associates to actualize this plan. After the meeting, envelopes exchanged hands and we were directed to our hotels. Like a movie, Wike’s plans stated manifesting, he took over the structure and leadership of Rivers PDP, divided the RSHA, orchestrated and masterminded the crisis that rocked the Rivers judiciary and highjacked the state security apparatus from a seating governor.
Finally, his real motive emerged, when he declared his gubernatorial ambition, at this point, President Jonathan and many of us objected to it, but he found a strong ally in Mrs Patience Jonathan and Rivers cultist/militants. Hence, he declared that nobody can stop him, not even President Goodluck Jonathan.
This led to the birth of ‘NEW PDP’ by Amaechi and others, then the fall and collapse of PDP began without remedy. At the formation of APC, it was obvious that all was not  well, but then it was too late. Eventually, APC and Buhari became the bride of the Nation, as most of the known political gladiators moved and defected to APC. Jonathan’s loss or PDP’s failure wasn’t an issue to Wike, as he was only interested in becoming the governor of Rivers State at all cost.
Wike’s reign as governor of Rivers State, appears to be the worst administration ever since the creation of the state in all ramifications and may not last more than eight(8) months. Under Wike, Rivers State has witnessed the highest number of political killings, resulting to the highest level of insecurity, biggest government debt profile and lack of infrastructural development in all sectors. This is the worst government in the history of Rivers State.
However, hopes are very high and prayers very strong as the good people of Rivers State await the Supreme Court to reaffirm the nullification of the sham election that brought in this Judas character called Wike. I am also delighted to read in the , the defection of many of his then close allies into APC, though am aware that many more of his allies and political associates will defect and abandon him, praises be to God.
Wike succeeded in his treacherous maneuvers to deceive Rivers people and many others, that he was fighting for Jonathan and to ensure that Rivers State is not relegated to opposition ! Now I wonder what his story of deception will be in the event of imminent rerun election?
Let it also be known that, Wike has been making frantic efforts to silence people like me, who are his former close associates, but refused to succumb or support his evil deeds, though I happen to be miles ahead of him. I and many of my likes will return back to Rivers State as soon as his ‘immunity clause’ is stripped off. Then, I will be on ground to expose many of his atrocities, during his “bloody march to power”, for the people of Rivers State and beyond to understand and know the Judas called Wike.

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Pastor Ndamati Johnson Eyinda
Elder of Elelenwo Community
Writes from Ilorin.

Crystal news promise to keep you updated as more truths unfolds. The Cleric has assured us of exposing in totality all antics of the WIKE administration.

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