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By Enyindah Chike

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not against Hon. Worgu Boms, former Attorney General of Rivers State, neither do I have any grouse against him, in fact he is my brother from the same Elekahia community in Phalga, however, I am compelled to put out this compendium of truth and facts to the public following his recurrent diatribes and misleading commentaries against his erstwhile boss, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, Minister of Transportation and former Governor of Rivers State.

Mr. Boms’ growing penchant for denigrating Amaechi at the slightest opportunity is grievously worrisome and smacks of the character of a typical hypocrite. As some one who has followed political events in the State for the past 12 to 15 years, I cringe at how a supposedly senior and respected individual like Worgu Boms have taken to social media to dance naked, display crass ingratitude and disparage those whom God has used to bless him, all in the name of politics.

For starters, who was Worgu Boms and what were his achievements before 2011 when Amaechi graciously appointed him as the Attorney General of Rivers State? Perhaps he has forgotten his roots so fast and needs to be reminded.

As at the time Amaechi appointed the now garrulous Worgu Boms, the Rivers state Commissioner for Justice, he had only his law degree and a few years of legal practice to boast of. He was so broke to the extent that he could not afford a decent accommodation for himself.

Luckily for him at the time, he was granted accommodation by a notable Paramount Ruler in Obio/Akpor (names withheld) for years after he left his small apartment at his family house in Elekahia. Within the short period of four years from 2011-2015, he was able to boast of having left the thresholds of poverty. Thanks to the same Amaechi who he now vilifies daily.

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As a matter of fact, Worgu Boms was not even due to be given appointment at the time considering the fact that it was his elder brother Chima Boms Esq, who had served the State government as its counsel at the Truth and Reconciliation Commission set up by the State Government and had contributed immensely towards the growth of the system by adding both legal and political value. However, due to some prevailing circumstances, he was chosen over his brother. Today, instead of been thankful he has elected to throw caution into the wind.

It is shocking to hear Worgu Boms talk about the failure of the same political system he served as an ‘Insider” in his words. Apart from being an insider as he rightly stated, he equally handled some very critical tasks on behalf of the Government as Attorney General. Sadly, Worgu Boms failed to deliver on most of these tasks which technically contributed immensely to the government’s looses in many respects.

As former Attorney General, Worgu Boms, automatically managed the legal team of the Party and majority of its legal tussles including the 2015 pre and post election suits, yet he was hardly able to bring the system any victory despite the huge amount of resources made available to him.

In spite of this embarrassing incompetence, he impudently blames Amaechi for his failure to bring results, a clear case of the incompetent workman who blames his tools rather than himself. Worgu Boms, how much longer can you blame Amaechi for your ineptitude?

Worgu Boms should cover his face in shame for saying the Party failed in 2015 and putting the blames on Amaechi even when he could not contribute more than his own vote to the Party. He couldn’t even mobilize members of his immediate family let alone the entire community. A man who has no political value but rides on the effort of others lacks the moral and political right to speak about winning or loosing elections.

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For those of us who know Worgu Boms very well to his roots or have had the opportunity to deal with him, we know him to be highly unreliable, dubious and fickle minded. Little wonder he used his previous position to enrich himself at the expense of his Party and Boss. No morally upright and sincere person would rip off the same system that has benefited him immensely.

Worgu Boms’ hypocrisy and grandstanding is unseen. The same man who teamed up with other funny characters as himself to halt the wheel of progress in the Party through several litigations instituted by their surrogates now turns around to blame Amaechi for the impasse in the Party. Who is he fooling? Everyone is aware of his behind-the-scene machinations and collaborations with external forces against the Party, he can only fool some persons but certainly not everyone.

I know we have ‘learned fellows’ but do we also have ‘learned fools’? That someone in the status of a former State Attorney General could distort facts to suit his divisive politics is mind-boggling and goes to confirm his questionable character.

How can Worgu Boms give a misleading account of Distinguished Sen. Uchendu’s well-intended response towards Gov. Wike’s call for peace in Rivers State during his Easter broadcast to the State calling for peace and unity to enable the State move forward? This confirms my earlier assertion that Worgu is an unstable character who lives only for the himself.

Central to my brother Worgu Boms grouse against Amaechi today, is his failure to secure another appointment for him at the federal level. This is so, because even Worgu himself can attest to the fact that Amaechi had earlier played his own role by nominating and submitting his name for a strategic appointment at the federal level.

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Unfortunately, he could not secure the appointment because background security checks on Worgu Boms may have revealed that he had some medical conditions believed to be psychiatric in nature. This was earlier before his shady political deals with the PDP during and after his tenure as Attorney General became were uncovered.

Again, I ask, How is this Amaechi’s fault? Amaechi is not Buhari who has the power to give appointment, he had graciously made his nomination which didn’t pull through for obvious reasons. This is one truth Worgu may not know or has deliberately refused to come to terms with.

As a kinsman by virtue of the fact that we are both from the same Community, Elekahia, I would advise Worgu Boms to stop biting the finger that fed him in the name of political activism and pursuing equity.

Where was this his newly found political activism and pursuit for equity when his elder brother Chima Boms Esq, who worked tirelessly for the Party was dropped in preference for him in 2011? Where was the call for due process and consensus by the political leadership before his appointment? Why didn’t he reject the appointment since it was solely decided by Amaechi without consulting leadership? Indeed, this is the hypocrisy of an insider.

Amaechi has served the State as Speaker and Governor for 8 years in both cases and has progressed to the national where he is currently performing very well and on his second term as Minister of Transportation on. If Worgu Boms thinks he has the political clout to run elections let him take the stage and do so instead of constituting a clog in the wheel of progress of the Party.

Worgu Boms, must remember his roots. Half a word is enough for the wise.

Comr. Enyindah Chike,
Former State Executive Council Member, All Progressives Congress, APC, Rivers State.

May 19, 2020.

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