Per reliable sources, President Buhari attempted to flee office after his inauguration because he was grossly unprepared to do the job he pursued vigorously for 13 straight years.  While the President’s physical presence remains a rich debate topic, his mental and emotional absence are a definite conclusion. It is very glaring that the President’s mental absence distorts his sense of priority, and puts him a thousand miles behind the issues.

While I sincerely wish the President every success in all his endeavors, he has not shown the kind of powerful mental presence and unstoppable commitment that conveys the desire to succeed. I do understand Mr. Buhari is as human as any of us, and I do not expect any miracles from him. However, his leadership is devoid of the kind of permanent commitment, the bold and surefooted policy moves, and the unconventional brilliance that can reverse the unfavorable economic trends of today.

Conversely, the president’s tone deaf and cerebrally challenged policies have plunged the nation into precarious backwaters. The president and his cabinet were so lost in the woods that they implemented policies that choked non-oil revenue and private sector contribution while losing oil revenue. As this simple adverse plus and minus arithmetic was unfolding, all the president did was to announce an impending recession without doing anything to stop it. Possibly, because he was too far behind time to offer any interactive solutions that could result in favorable deflection of the adverse economic trajectory.

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Now that the recession has festered beyond control, the president gleefully announced an impending famine one full year after the fact. He didn’t just make the announcement, he jetted out to global warming conference afterward. Being behind time again is not the only issue, the president’s sense of responsibility is booth appalling and questionable.  It is as if he could care less if his nation plunges into famine, after all, he was magnanimous enough to warn Nigerians of the coming famine.

It is either the President is not aware of his full responsibilities to Nigeria and Nigerians, or he simply doesn’t have the skills and the zeal to discharge his duties.  While a president may warn his citizens of upcoming adversities, leaders are responsible for prioritizing and resolving issues that affect the well-being of their nations and citizens before anything else.  Jetting off to climate change conference after declaring famine does not suggest that the welfare of Nigeria and Nigerians are Mr. Buhari’s first priorities.

Technical and managerial limitations are excusable; dereliction of duty is not excusable because the patriotic discharge of duty is a non-negotiable tenet of the Presidency. Once again, President Buhari has shown his disdain for the wellbeing of Nigerians by remaining physically, mentally, and emotionally absent at a very crucial time.

As always, the President has chosen to shack his duties, inverted his priorities, and abandoned ship in the middle of an approaching storm. I don’t know about the President; as for me, the leader of a nation facing an evil and relentless terrorism, failing economy, extreme famine, and ethnoreligious challenges don’t belong in a climate change conference.

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