Tension In Eleme As Electorates Decides On Who To Vote For Rivers South-East Senatorial District

Magnus Abe and olaka
There has been rising tension in eleme as electorates decides on who to vote for as the  Senator for Rivers southeast senatorial district.

While  crystal (www.newscrystal.com)correspondent was speaking to electorates in eleme, some electorates called olaka nwogu a honourable without honour, and a man with a phantom character,

Listen to an Eleme man, Abbey Johnson:

“As soon as Olaka Nwogu manipulated his way into the Senate after the 2015 Election, he switched off his phones, locked his gate in Eleme and became inaccessible. Even those who shot guns and carried ballot boxes for him couldn’t reach him for the six months he stayed in the Senate.

“Now that the court rightly threw him out, his gates are wide open again, like they were before the 2015 election. He picks calls from even unknown numbers because he wants votes. Tell me, how many reasonable Eleme people can stick out their necks for Olaka Nwogu with such treacherous and selfish habit?

“This is not about me. It’s about the views of overwhelming majority of Eleme people. Ask what any Eleme man or woman thinks about Olaka Nwogu, and you will be shocked. From what I have seen, our people prefer Senator Magnus Abe, and for good reasons .
While some tagged him as an EGALITARIAN leader, he is applaudable, commendable and praise worthy, some stated senatorial landmarks of Magnus Abe, he conducted a youth skills acquisition program in eleme,donated water borehole to nchia market traders,Alode,kenkoro community in eleme LGA with a generator, donated 1000 wrappers to.women in eleme LGA, 500KVA transformers at Eleo, Eleme LGA and many others.
To God be glory, that electorates has decided to vote for a leader that will bring them to another dimension.

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