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Rtn. Antiquity: Tacha Saga in BBN, A Good Example of Nigerian Politicians and the Masses

It is not in my character to be against someone’s lifestyle, because I know, you cannot stop me from growing, I cannot stop you, either, from growing, growth (in quality and quantity), comes from God. Unfortunately, since few days ago, some Nigerians have demonstrated why our Politicians are not doing well.

The first time I went to witness and cover the news from the tribunal case between Governor Ihedioha and others, in Owerri, I left before the time. Only because, the number of people I saw putting on T-shirts and wrappers, inscribed, UUN -Ugwumba Uche Nwosu, got me confused, in fact, it was irritating, I got marveled. So people actually want Orlu zone alone to continue ruling Imo state till 24 years or more? Even when Owerri zone has not tested it, Okigwe zone tested it only for 4 years…? Which equally means, that Rochas family should be there for 16 years or more. This was/is terrible!!.

Today in Nigeria, Tacha, of the Big Brother Naija (BBN) reality show, has become more popular than expected, even though she has lost the 99 days she bagged…. “Tacha….. yes, no leave no transfer, till 99 days”, that has been her words, as a braggadocio. Well, it is not too bad, that’s her own style. Instead of Tacha to concentrate on how to eliminate Mercy, Frod, Seyi and Mike, who were factually & conspicuously her major rivals, she was concentrating on how next to brag, but unfortunately for her, Mercy tactically evicted Tacha. Yes, Tacha was disqualified, but the truth is that, she was Mercy’s stumbling block, more than a rival to Mercy, so Mercy who knew that Tacha is a braggadocio and cannot control her temper, got Tacha annoyed, to the extent she had to fling her hair close to Tacha’s face, but the impatient braggadocio fell to that temptation and draw her hairs twice, that was a physical contact, one of the serious rules of the Houses. Yes, all the housemates signed a paper, an agreement not to engage in any form of physical contact, but Tacha, impatiently did that.

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Factually, Tacha started calling Mercy names first, but Mercy targeted Tacha so well that she fell on a clear trap. Now that Elozonam and Ike have been evicted, remaining Seyi, Frod, Mike, Omoshola, Mercy and Dian, it is obvious that the fight to win is between Frod and Mercy, but Mike and Seyi can equally win, because they pull enough weight, Dian is likely the next to be evicted, though I wish she will be the one to win, Omoshola as a warri boy, should not be underrated too.

My point is that, Nigerians have continued to say Tacha this, Tacha that. That means, having confirmed that Tacha displayed the rudest character in the house, she exhibited the most bad mannered acts plus the way she bragged, I don’t want to talk about her body odour, or how she could not spell ‘daughter’ and ‘Port Harcourt’, so that we don’t call her illiterate, yet many Nigerians want her to win. In fact, Mercy is first/highest, in seductive behaviours, including sleeping with a housemate there, Tacha is first in  exhibiting the highest level of insolence to housemates, yet, both of them get/got the highest votes to stay, either highest votes generally or/and highest votes among the females. This is a typical example of what is happening in Nigerian elections/politics today.

With this experience above, this is why our politicians are messing up, because we vote for them more, support them more, hail them more, and they pepper us more. I asked my friend from Aba, why do you people like Tacha despite her rude behaviours, she replied, “Because she de pepper them, the slogan of BBN is pepper them, that’s why Tacha’s rude character is accepted and approved by us”, she said. Now I see reason our Politicians are peppering us without conscience or consideration. Just yesterday, Buhari who messed up few days ago, in abroad, after giving an off point answer, monitored and sent for a renowned Igbo Lawyer, arrested him at the airport, because he wrote a book titled “We are all Biafrans”. Buhari is currently peppering some activists, as about four of them are cruising in the police net now, for speaking against him, Buhari, for condemning his incapacitated incapabilities, including a presidential candidate in the last election, you know better. They have been peppered, he is still peppering them and us, in one way or the other.

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Tacha is now a bigger celebrity, a star, more popular, because she has bad character, because she is very rude, because she has bad odour, because she could not spell *daughter*, etc. At 23 years old, as she claimed, she insulted almost all housemates, including Mercy who is 26 years old, that means, if Tacha is not the youngest housemate, she is one of them youngest housemates. Thelma and others who behaved a bit better have been evicted earlier. Shame on to some of us.

BBN evicted others, but Mercy evicted Tacha.

Seyi has enough, Mike is very wealthy, Mercy is also rich now, Frod, I don’t know much about him, so I wish they can give it to Dian, or Omoshola or Frod, if Mercy gets it, that’s her luck, even Seyi and Mike are likely to win, I wish all of them good luck, as few, among the six will be evicted this week, within the week.

Fellow Nigerians, the Nigerian masses, I no longer blame our Politicians for peppering us, most of them, Politicians, are Tachas, they are peppering you, and you are still voting for them, approving their political abracadabra, jiggery pokery, unaccepted exhibition of negative idiosyncracy, lousiness, laziness, selfishness, recklessness, and what have you.

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