Rivers State Loosing Its Cultural Heritage As PDP Branded Masquerades Occupy The Streets.

It is no longer that the cultural heritage of the treasure base of this great nation is under attack by some clueless politicians.

The so called God fearing government of Rivers state that ban CANIRIV saying it is now Christmas carol is busy sponsoring his party members(PDP) in Phalga and Obio/Akpor to display PDP branded masquerades and wrestling within the mile3 axis of Port Harcourt and Rumeme (civic centre) of Obio/Akpor.

It will also interest rivers people to know that there is a jingle going on radio stations concerning a cultural (masquerades display, boats regatta and a beach party) canival coming up in Asari-toru local government area which the CTC chairman (Egberi-papa) is the chief organiser and his caretaker governor(Wike) is the chief guest.

Now one will want ask how come there’s a pronouncement of the said government been a christian and does not want to engage with the ungodly things of the world yet becomes a major sponsor and chief guest of cultural canival instead of Christmas carols in these LGA’s or is he affirming the facts that rivers people know him as a man that speaks from two sides of his mouth.

Another question is amongst his newly confirmed commissioners, we hope when giving them portfolio’s he will not have a commissioner on culture and tourism since he took the decision of killing rivers cultural heritage. I think its time for Rivers people to choose who their true leader will be, not a man that will kill our cultural heritage, not man that send over 3,000 of our sisters and brothers back without the completion of their studies.
Choose wisely.

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