Rivers Rerun: How PDP Thugs Attacked APC House Of Representative Candidate

Hon.Sampson Egop, Rivers Rerun APC candidate for House Of Representative Andoni/Opobo federal
constituency was yesterday attacked by well known PDP thugs in Andoni led by one Lazarus Nteogwuile.
Hon.Egop who was seated under a canopy waiting to cast his vote, which happens to be his civic right in unit2 ward 6 in unyeada town, before the arrival of lazarus and his team ,who attacked him physically by hitting his chest twice then he fell from his seat and the seat broke in the process.
Our source stated that it took the intervention of the electorates who couldn’t take the intimidation being caused by the PDP thugs since the election began to come to his rescue before the late arrival of security agents. 
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