Following the turn of in recent times which has seen the PDP loose out at all levels of the elections petition tribunals and The Appeal courts and the attendant defection that is rocking the party across the 23 LGAs
, the Party and some of its fanatic supporters in a bid to save both face and members have resorted to lies just to keep alive the hopes of their supporters.

It is indeed worrisome and smacks of desperation, that even when the Supreme court is yet to fix a date to hear the Appeal of Governor Nyesom against the nullification of his elections by the court of Appeal, the PDP claims to be already aware of the outcome of the appeal at the Supreme court, thereby assuming an omniscient stance.

This, they have confirmed by telling their undiscerning members that the APC has no chance at the Supreme court as the Supreme court is their “Bedroom” where they can romance with the respected and erudite judges and eventually corner them to do their biddings.

The simple truth remains that the PDP is in apprehension as they are already aware that they have a very negligible chance of succeeding at the supreme courts, hence they have resorted to lies just to keep hope alive and dissuade members from crossing over to the APC.

Their apprehensiveness is further highlighted in their move to quickly prevail on the former Speaker of the RSHA, Hon. Ibani to resign to enable them field a candidate who had no case at the tribunal to assume the position of the speaker, so that in the event that the Supreme court sacks Wike, the speaker will constitutionally become the Acting Governor pending the re-run.


Another instance is the swearing -in of a Chief Judge who is believed to be due for retirement in weeks.

Lastly, is the unwarranted long adjournment of the RSHA till March 2016.

While all these moves might appear as normal and ordinary to their unsuspecting followers, the underlying motives for such moves are in preparations for the re-run of the Governorship elections.

Do not expect to be told point blank, they will not, no one will! Put on your thinking cap and think, probe and discover.


~Priestley Nna
An Advocate of Truth.

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