REVEALED: Why Naija Babes Like To BE Sucked ~ by Akinnagbe Akintomide

Article written by Akinnagbe Akintomide,

Many babes in Nigeria now like to be sucked during s.ex. And that is authoritative.

Unlike years ago when sucking was seen as a dirty habit, these days it is the wish of many girl for her s.exual partner to part her legs and lick or suck her until she reaches orgasm.

This same habit has been given several names like Oral S.ex. It is also known as Cunnilingus, muff diving, clit licking, going down, beaver licking and sucking (to employ the general parlance).

Oral s.ex for women involves the stimulation of the clitoris and vulva with the lips and tongue.

For many women, it is the ultimate se.xual experience, preferable to intercourse nowadays. For another group of women who find it difficult to reach orgasm or ‘come’ easily during se.x, they depend on their partner sucking them to derive the ultimate and intense pleasure of s.ex.

Unlike what obtained several years back when any attempt to “ suck” a woman was perceived as ‘dirty’ or unreligious, nowadays more and more women are fast becoming addicts of sucking their private parts as a ‘compulsory aspect’ of foreplay before getting down to the real business of love making.

Interestingly, more and more women are also discreet and keep the craze of sucking away from their friends and those they don’t trust. Though a lot of the big babes and celeb women now share the experiences of being sucked among themselves.

This has also instigated others who have equally come out of their shells to experiment the act of being sucked.These days a lot of women also expect their partners to be knowledgeable about their body system. Hence they don’t want their partner to get down and start love making. They like to be aroused by the way of clitoral or v.aginal stimulation.

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Also a lot of women are increasingly frowning at men fingering them. The reason for this might not be unconnected with hygiene reasons.

Another reason women these days appreciate to be sucked is the urge to feel the action at their G-Spot and Clitoris. These 2 erogenous zones as far as a woman’s s.exual pleasures are concerned may be conquered territories, but some men don’t really have a clue about the difference between the 2.

Basically, the first thing you need to know is that the essence of both the clitoris and the G-spot is to provide se.xual pleasures to a woman.

A man’s tongue in their view would do better justice than the regular and in some cases energetic banging from their male partner.

The clitoris is a small erectile organ located at the anterior part of the va.gina.

Essentially for men who are fond of sucking, there are basic things that must not be done;

• Never bite a woman’s v.agina-ever

• Use your tongue and fingers to maximize stimulation

• Always have an exit strategy in case you panic down there

Many women prefer clit licking to intercourse, and for those who require a large amount of clitoral stimulation, it is the easiest way to orgasm.

Besides, lots of women expect it these days and men who perform great cunnilingus are always appreciated and considered fabulous lovers.

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