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Restructuring, best for Nigeria if properly done – Dr Bugaje

A former House of Representatives member, Dr Usman Bugaje has stressed the need for Nigerians to collectively agree on the kind of federation they want.

Speaking at a summit organised by the Yoruba Leadership and Initiative (TYLPI), with the theme, “Strategies and Tactics for the Actualisation of a Restructured Nigeria” on Wednesday in Ibadan, Bugaje explained that restructuring will be the best thing to happen in the country if properly done by all sections of the country.

He observed that it is entirely a wrong notion that the North was against restructuring, saying that Northerners were groaning under a terrible federal system operated in Nigeria.

Dr Bugaje stated that the North is suffocating, suffering from violence, lack of good livelihood and more keen for restructuring than some other geopolitical zones in the country.

He claimed the current structure was unsustainable such that a timeline was needed to be set to restructure to the satisfaction of all Nigerians.

The former lawmaker said the present leadership’s mechanism into political parties was faulty, adding that it cannot produce better individuals.

Dr Bugaje said the time has come for citizens across all zones of the country to meet at a roundtable, put their ideas together and arrive at a consensus on a restructuring of the current federation.

He noted, “It is entirely wrong for some people to say the North does not want to restructure. I am surprised when people say so. I do not know who they interviewed.”

He said the demand for restructuring in the North is not any less than that in any other part of the country, stressing that northerners have held conferences and have taken positions on this matter.

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