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RE: “Ngerebara Should Focus On Andoni And Leave Oyigbo” ~ Gov Wike”

I heard a voice clip of Gov Wike responding to an interview granted by Engr Sampson Ngerebara, Former Commissioner for Works Rivers State; advising him to spread development to other LGAs and stop focusing on only Obio Akpor and PHLAGA. Quite a harmless and sincere advise to anyone who is a public servant but with Gov Wike, you wouldn’t expect anything less than what he said.

Not only did Gov Wike start abusing the former commissioner, he began abusing Andoni people as “bush people who have never seen road in their life”. He says his administration constructed road to Andoni, and I ask was he Governor in 2013? I drove to Ikuru town beach in December 2013 with my family, a road trip I can’t do today because of insecurity, a primary responsibility of the Governor which he has failed woefully in.

Who is Gov Wike to question the pedigree of Engr Sampson Ngerebara? When Ngerebara was commissioner under Ada George’s administration, where was Wike as a politician? The blue print of road construction and urbanization of Rivers State that was also adopted by the administration of Gov Amaechi, was done by Engr. Ngerebara as work’s commissioner. Ngerebara has every right and pedigree to speak about urbanization and development in this state. The man has proven himself! An urbanization plan conceived as far back as the early 90s, still relevant today, almost 30 years after. If anything, Gov Wike should pay attention and listen to advice.

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Oyigbo LGA is a strategic LGA to decongesting Port Harcourt and Obio Akpor. Wike says he’s doing “urbanization”, where? Building of flyovers every 2km on Aba road is not urbanization. How many cities has he opened up since he became Governor? The flyovers are “beautiful nonsenses”, as they don’t even solve the traffic situation he claims to have constructed them for. His government has been a government of trial and error, if not tell me why he constructed a big roundabout at garrison and destroyed it in 1year to build a flyover, a plan that was already in the blueprint of the previous administration, which he didn’t even follow to the latter? If Oyigbo has good roads, people can comfortably live in Oyigbo and work in Port Harcourt. Gov Wike should please have foresight. Every advice or criticism should not be turned into politics to begin to abuse people. Engr Sampson Ngerebara is a seasoned Engineer in this state and has given him free advice.

What is the proximity of Andoni LGA and Port Harcourt with Oyibo and Port Harcourt? If the Governor means well in his “urbanization plan” and knows what he’s doing, Oyigbo should be an LGA of priority as it has closer proximity to port harcourt. With a good road, one can do 30mins from port harcourt city to Oyigbo when it’ll take about 1hr plus to do Andoni to Port Harcourt. Oyigbo already houses Afam power station, houses some companies, it is right now more viable and makes more sense to open up Oyigbo LGA. Andoni has been immersed in heavy insecurity since he became Governor, so who even wants to go and stay in Andoni? People can’t go home. The road he claims to be doing, it is his 6th year as Governor and there’s little difference to what was there in 2013.

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Engr Sampson Ngerebara is in his every right to advice the Governor, he should pick the free advice and act on it he won’t be less than he currently is, in fact it’ll give him some face saving to his poor performance as Governor of Rivers State.

Egop Awajimimam Joshua Sampson

Writing from Port Harcourt

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