It is no longer that the PDP in Opobo/Nkoro local govt area has since been balkanized as a result of the characters of persons that run the party in the LGA.

Initially, the tussle for leadership was between
former Senator (Alabo) Adawari Pepple and Senibo Adonye Diri, over who controls the GDI and PDP in the LGA, while Senator Adawari practically directs the affairs of the party, Senibo Adonye was substantially bankrolling the activities of the party and controlling the militant arm. According to insiders’ reports, Senibo Adonye diri got angry that while he was bankrolling the activities of the group and setting structures, Senator Adawari was taking the credits for his hardwork, hence the crisis started looming, until Nyesom Wike intervened and resolved for the former.

Other characters in the party includes; Senibo Dagogo Dagogo Legg-Jack, Senibo Sam Accra Jaja, Senibo Mike Cookey, Jeki-Senibo Idatonye Kingston Accra Jaja, Hon. Tamunosisi Gogo jaja, Deacon Clapton Ogolo, Senibo Simeon Jaja, Tony Macpepple, Hon. Chris Berewari, Hon. Adolphus Orubienimigha, Mr. Samuel Benneth and few others who are either aligned to either of the two factions within the party or independently carrying on as leaders in their own right as a result of the violent disposition of GDI or the poor leadership style of these gladiators.

The crisis became clearer recently when Gov. Nyesom Wike appointed CTC for the various LGAs, excluding Opobo/Nkoro and Khana LGAs. Facts available to me has it, that the leadership could not resolve on those that will make the list of CTC. Even with the series of meetings that were held, all ended in deadlock. While some were pursuing their personal interests, and excluding as well, other high ranking members of their party, some were already consulting their oracle to resort to black magic (Juju). I further gathered that failure to resolve on a list within a specific date, made the governor to call His Majesty, King Dandeson Douglas Jaja to recommend a person who should be the Chairman, this rare privilege, the king rejected on the excuse that he is not an active politician, as such do not want to get deep involved in the process.

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Personally, I do think that this is disservice to his people, owing to the fact that beyond his position as the Chairman of Rivers State Traditional Rulers Council, he is also the Chairman of Opobo/Nkoro traditional rulers and by virtue of the fact that he is the only first class chief from the area, and should know for sure that there is a leadership gap in terms of governance in the LGA. Since the creation of the LGA, it is on record that the current government of the state in alliance with the previous CTC led by one Samuel Benneth brought untold hardship to the people of the LGA. To say there was maladministration is an understatement. He is offensively incompetent and out to siphon the common wealth of Opobo/Nkoro people at the detriment of all sectors of the economy.

Provision of diesel to light the LGA in the past 4 months has not been met, thereby keeping the LGA in total blackout. The mobile police unit whose primary function is to check insecurity within our waterways has not been funded in any form for 4 months, salaries of staff not paid for 4 months. The Local government council secretariat is literally under lock and key because no fund to run the place.

In all, I do think that His Majesty, the King, would have put his people’s interest first beyond any parochial and sectional interest. Of course, he doesn’t need to be a “politician’’ before he would have recommended as requested. Afterall, Senibo Gibson N.S. Ogolo, Mr. Wariboko, Architect Cookey, Mr. Ichella, etc who become a Sole Administrators and CTC Chairmen at various times were not politicians. Perhaps, nominating may have solved the infighting within the PDP and controlled the power play temporarily. But that not was the case.


Perhaps, that led to Gov. Nyesom Wike exercising his fiat in favour of Senibo Dagogo Eli Legg-Jack as CTC Chairman, leading to the protest of the camp loyal to Senibo Adonye Diri, who his election into the state house of assembly has since been nullified by the election petition tribunal, for not complying substantially with the provisions of the electoral act.

The aggrieved protesters, I learnt are members of various cult groups co-ordinated by one Mr. Boma Brown on behalf of Senibo Adonye Diri. They, on Monday, 16th Nov. 2015, besieged the local government council with palm leafs and pot covered with red cloth, suspected to be diabolic substance to block the entrance, chanting that they do not want Legg-Jack as Chairman and that Nyesom Wike has no right to choose a chairman for them. The group was led by one Boma Ogolo who resides at Mgbogba/NTA axis of Port-Harcourt. It took the intervention of the mobile policemen on duty to stop them from destroying valuable properties of council. As they spread teargas and shut several bullets into the air. I am told that the policemen later forced the movement of that substance to the police station located near the council.

In another development, I am told that some of the other leaders who are not in any of factions are also not comfortable with the appointment of Senibo Legg-Jack on the basis that the current State Assembly member, the LGA PDP Chairman, LGA party secretary are all from Kalaibiama Town, a segment of Ward 1, out of 11 wards of the LGA. They ordinary expect that the chairman should have been zoned to another ward to encourage spread.

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Also protested against, is the nomination of one Tammy Ubani and Ms. Furo Ogolo who are drawn from Ward 3, one Stanley Wariso and Prophetess Ngozi Apiafi who are from Ward 4. They argued that it will be wrong to deposit two (2) nominations in one ward. And further queried the rationale behind the nomination without their inputs. They expressed serious dismay over the situation and claimed that they are already in talks with other political parties to switch for being side-lined. These, I was told after the leaders met on Sunday and planned to join Senibo Dagogo Legg-Jack to Opobo town for the inauguration of his committee members on tuedsay and not Monday as initially proposed.

It is important to note, that the current leaders of PDP in the area do not mean well for the people and should not be trusted with leadership position at any level, if the purpose is to move the local government area forward. As I do not see them solving the many crisis they have created in the LGA in the shortest of time.

 Senibo Omie Dappa, writes from the ancient Kingdom of Opobo

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