Gov. Nyesom Wike,
It is obvious that you are now completely deluded and lacking in any meaningful sense of direction. Happenings around you reveal that you are totally under siege and surrounded by the influence of very irresponsible, complex and incompetent persons, most of whose characters are in serious question.
Though, it is common knowledge and a pity, that your family, associates and political appointees lack the capacity to advise you, due to your uncivilized style and violent disposition to issues, as clearly orchestrated in the ongoing drama.

The ongoing drama and altercations between you(gov. Wike) and the DSS, is most unfortunate and unhealthy for our dear state, to say the least. This is an affront to normalcy and decency by all standards, by an incumbent governor of a frontline state.
Why are you calling for State of Emergency and crying wolf at the same time?

Like you stated, “I prevented the DSS from arresting the judge because they could kill him and use that as a pretext to say the state was not safe and to prepare grounds for declaration of a STATE OF EMERGENCY”.
Is safe? If it is safe; why are you begging your cultists, kidnappers, militants, assassins, murderers and all sorts of criminals with your amnesty?
According to you, “Their blackmail stories will not move me”. “It is really unfortunate that DSS would concoct a false defence that $2million USD ,(that is N900million) was found in the house of the judge. It is unfortunate that the DSS is coming up with flimsy excuses”.

Going by the above quotes copied from your press statement, as released by your office, it’s crystal clear that you are ’embattled’, thereby forcefully and abusing your office, to set the people and government of Rivers state, against the federal government authorities for selfish, parochial and political reasons.
After, successfully confronting such a respected federal security apparatus(DSS) physically, you are now abusing them publicly, calling them ‘murderers’ that wanted to ‘kill’ as to set the stage for a phantom “declaration of state of emergency”, and that their press-statement on the matter is a “concocted blackmail”.

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In the above statement, it is surprising to hear an incumbent governor, allege on BLACK AND WHITE, that “the DSS could kill the judge and use that as a pretext to say that the state was not safe and prepare grounds for declaration of a state of emergency”.
This is exactly how you disrespected constituted authority, threw dignity to the bins and verbally abused the judiciary, when you lost your case at the Appeal Election Tribunal last year. You called them several names and spilled plenty of thrash, through your then media aide(Opunabo Nkotariah), whom you later denied.

This latest outburst of yours is most unfortunate and regrettable, it is disheartening and a huge  embarrassment for such unguarded, irresponsible and dishonorable action and statement to be coming from the governor of my state.

If the reasons you have publicly stated, are to be taken as enough excuses for violently/physically engaging men of the DSS by 1am @midnight, thereby risking the lives of several more persons, then it will stand as a very dumb and clumsy excuse by you. This is actually a failed attempt to justify such a brazen and shameful display of barbarism, of which you are still bragging about.
Just as you stated publicly, that “I prevented the DSS from arresting the judge”.

Yes indeed super-Wike, you spontaneously mobilized your killer squads, as led by Felix Obuah and Samuel Nwanosike by 1am(midnight), they responded to your distress call, besieged the place in the company of several known infamous cultists and militants, whom eventually joined you and physically engaged the men of DSS in a free for all fight.
Thank God for the wisdom of the men of the DSS, as they didn’t adopt the use of maximum force against you and those your likewise civilian criminals, which would’ve resulted to serious casualties by now.


Mr. Wike, under your watch, human life has become so easy to take, the good people of Rivers State are now living in perpetual danger and fear, arising from the heightened insecurity, which your bloody ambition and eventual ascension to the seat of governor, has brought unto them.

Why have you not shown this level of bravado and commando style against those  terrorizing Rivers State?

Wike, if you love human life so much and can risk your own life for another, as you did for the judge in question, how come you didn’t visit the family of Barr. Ken Atsuete, since after his assassination till date?

How come you didn’t visit the family of Hon. Boris Neewi, who was killed alongside three(3) others, a few days ago, by your friend/associate and our party-man, Solomon Ndebara?

How come you didn’t visit the family of Dr. Vincent Ebee an chieftain, who was also killed by Solomon Ndebara, alongside a young female student in Bori?

How come you didn’t care to visit the family of Obi, an ONELGA APC Ward 4 Chairman, who was killed and beheaded alongside his wife and child? I hear they will be buried on Saturday this weekend in Omoku, I pray you find time to attend the “mass burial”, as to show how much you care for human life.

How come neither you nor your wife, have ever visited any of the widows/family of all these and many more numerous cases of political assassinations/murders?

But, you hurriedly visited the house of a known armed-robber, cultist and murderer, Solomon Ndebara, whose house was destroyed by the men of Nigerian Army and several arms/ammunitions were found, a man declared wanted by the police, after which you attacked and berated the Army during a press interview, alleging that the attack on Solomon’s house was an attack at Rivers PDP. Who are you fooling?


On the midnight(odd hours) combat/bout with the DSS, Rivers people and reasonable/unbiased onlookers, know that whatever led you, the governor of a state, to such level of desperation, is far beyond an ordinary attempt to protect the life or defend the right of a judge as you have claimed.

My trust and believe in the integrity of the DSS and their pattern of operations remains unshaken by your rhetorics. You cannot defeat them, neither can you deceive the good people of Rivers State for too long, no matter how you try to twist the story.
You apparently have something to hide, shield and coverup in connection to that very midnight drama, at the residence of the judge in question.

You may have succeeded in deceiving the wife of the former president and many others in PDP then, but you couldn’t deceive people like me and many others alike.
I trust that Rivers people are wisely watching and following the events with kin interest.
As Nemesis of your evil actions and atrocious governance in Rivers State begins to come on you, I will advise you to be sober, have a rethink and desist from heating up the polity in the interest of peace.

Yours Ibiso Grace Briggs
Writes from Port-Harcourt.


  1. First of all, the governor remains the C.S.O of his state and has every single right to be at anywhere and at anytime as long as it has to do with security issues. Weather he has a personal interest to protect is none of my business. I believe in the rule of law and strongly believe that the right thing should be done at every given time no matter who is involved. All the DSS and Police needed to do was invite the judge and if he refuses to show up then…But invading his residence at such an ungodly hour is so wrong and should never be tolerated. Mr Governor is like a father trying to protect his child under his watch. He's a lawyer so I believe he knows the law and he knows what he's doing and should be able to defend himself in court. People shouldn't bring up the issue of PDP and Amechi in 2015 into this. Last time I checked, we voted for change. PDD did it last year doesn't mean APC should do it this year. Nigerians should learn to put sentiments and tackle issues the way it ought to be tackled.

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