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NIMASA moves against illegal ship scrapping

SPEAKING on other challenges in the corridor from Navy Town in to the Harbor in Apapa, Lagos, the boss noted that activities of unapproved ship scrapping yards are a source of concern and all identified wrecks will be removed working with the hydrography department of the .

He also warned that those involved in these acts would be made to face the full wrath of the if they fail to stop.

“We are aware of the challenges wrecks, derelicts and activities of illegal scrap yards pose to our waterways. We will share information with the hydrography department of the Nigerian Navy; so appropriate steps which will be in the best interest of the country will be implemented”, he said.

On his part, Rear Admiral Daji applauded the already existing relationship between the Agency and the Nigerian Navy and stated the need for continuous information sharing between the two in order to aid daily operations aimed at ensuring a safer and secured maritime sector.

He also supported Jamoh’s zero tolerance for piracy on the nation’s waterways, stating that the Navy is prepared to tackle the issues head-on, for the overall good of the maritime sector.

Daji appealed for cooperation with the NIMASA hydrography unit especially with regards to standard charting of the Nigerian waters as well as mapping out the wrecks. He said this would go a long way in ensuring unhindered navigation.

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