Echoes of Lamentation inundates the atmosphere as Rivers people mourn and decry the painful, regrettable but eschewable demotion cum relegation of our darling football team – Sharks Fc – from the elite Nigeria Premiership Division to
a lower unglamorous National Division 1, under the parental bicept cum tricept of the NEW RIVERS VISION under the notorious Pharoah in Brickhouse.

It is on record and a fact, that under the 8 years administration of the common sense enigma, Rt Hon Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, who is now the super minister of the amalgamated Ministry of Transportation (air, land, and sea), the 3 darling football teams of the state bourgeoned to various elite degrees championage as they all via their victorious feat represented Nigeria at various continental championships. Dolphins Fc won the FA cup, Rivers Angels won the female elite league, and Sharks consolidated their big 6 status in the premier League all through this period.

But today, History have been negatively re-written by the less than a year old dystopic administration of the said Pharoah in Brickhouse as Sharks Fc is now relegated, Dolphins Fc only escaped relegation by the whiskers via a draw on the final match day of the league…. Indeed, How art the mighty fallen… Publish it not in Gath, tell it not in the streets of Askelon, lest the daughters of the philistines rejoice, and the sons of the uncircumcised exalt.

There is therefore no better time than now to approach mount Olympus enmass to declare a caboodle rejectamenta to this mephistophelian cum retrogressive rulership of a Pharoah in Brickhouse. Every sport-loving residents and indigenes of Rivers State, and indeed all the good cum progressive people of Rivers State, must, at this most significant epoch, remind this Pharoah that our state is not Egypt, but  Rivers of many good possibilities…thus, Pharoah must leave us and go, so that we can continue to PROGRESS    under another, Godsend change agent- DAKUKU THE BETTERSIDE – in the promised land of milk and honey, clinically bequeated to us by the most progressive administration of the LION COMMANDER OF THE COMMON SENSE BLOODLESS REVOLUTION ARMY.

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Postmodernist Victor Nwobike (PVN)
-Political scientist cum Analyst
-Social Critic

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