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“Life is a trip better move on. If you want win put your shoes on” Yungsix, First Class Listening to the first broadcast of the President since the recession started one could tell a new lesson in this recession was about to be told.
Listing a long 50 point agenda in his
Independence day speech the President sought to sugar coat his reign at the helm with a lengthy catalogue of achievements all punctuated with a lot of “buts”.

“Yes we defeated Boko Haram last December but they still attack soft targets”.”Yes we have achieved 5 thousand megawatts of Electricity in February but now it has dropped due to the activity of Militants”.
“Yes we are working to end importation of rice and petrol but Nigerians must go hungry in the meantime”.
“Yes price was $100 but we must blame the former administration for the recession and its drop to $40”. Indeed many may hail this as light at the end of the tunnel but I see it from another spectrum.

What was not said is even more important than what was said. For a President who came to power on an anti-corruption mandate to suddenly become mum on his primary objective tells Nigerians that we have indeed gone full circle in this dance of musical chairs. As allegations of Corruption dog his administration, from the MTN bribe for reduced fine scandal, to the MTN tax evasion scandal, to the Houses in Dubai Allegation bought via a Snake farm, to the Indicted holding public office, the President can’t claim ignorance that he is unaware that some of his inner circle are putting their hands in the cookie jar.
Meanwhile what are the gains of the anti-corruption war?
Indeed his silence on that matter appears to project that the war has come to a premature end with defeat its final outcome.
The trial of lies stalled due to President’s own Attorney General muddling up the case.

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Jibrin the whistleblower on the padding scandal is now in the doghouse for the next one year. All anti-corruption cases are on hold or forgotten as the new deal is return some money then keep the rest for jail is not for the sacred cows.
This is the hidden message not said in the Independence day speech. For a President who blames others for the recession who then is to blame for failing to imprison those who stole our money or retrieve all our stolen wealth from these fiends?
Indeed one remembers the old adage that one should not point a finger at others for 4 other fingers are pointing back at you.

The other unnerving silence was over the losses. Failing to address the shedding of in the recession is a key faux pas. As MTN delivered a curious Independence day gift to some of its staff which entailed mass sacking, one wonders how these people and families are going to survive. Since the only option given to us by Buharinomics is to return to the farms or carry cement as the drive to rebuild infrastructure and agriculture are the only policies to drive the economy out of the recession.
If going to University for donkey years so as to carry cement or hoe and cutlass is the road to progress then we have certainly missed the plot.
Industrialization is the key. Innovation is the way forward. Mechanized Farming is the dream.
Tapping into the intellect and dexterity of a people is what I searched for in a speech that was pregnant with words but lacking in substance.
And that is when I remember the young man called YungSix in his hit track, First Class. Telling a tale of how he rose from the gutter in a rag to riches story he outlined that in life one must move and be prepared for the journey to success.

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As the President sits in the comfort of Aso Rock I have lost count of how many trips he has made abroad but can count on 1 hand the number of States in Nigeria he has visited. These achievements he has listed are they real or only figments of the imagination of a speech writer?
The President should get up and put his shoes on. The time for boring us with talk is over. For a man who says he visited every State of Nigeria when he campaigned for the to suddenly have an aversion for such visits to see his countrymen says a lot of about his fair weather appoach to Governance.
And hence Nigerians need More Action and Less Talk. 50 points is too much for Nigerians to get their head around especially with no “I will” in the whole elongated tirade lacking in substance.

Never trust a man who can’t say I will.
“I will get the job done by tomorrow”. “I will give you money tomorrow morning”. I will is a powerful word and shows the personal desire to get things done.
I was expecting to hear the likes of
“I will work tirelessly to end the recession in a year”.
” I will personally visit each project site to ensure record completion”.
“I will visit schools and hospitals to ensure they function properly and are well equipped”.
A man who can’t say I will and back it up with action has an aversion for responsibility hence wears a garb of plausible deniability.
“It is not me. Blame the past administration.
Blame my Ministers. Blame the oil price. Blame Niger Delta Militants. Blame Boko Haram. Blame Nigerians. Blame the sky. Blame the Devil.
Blame everything else under the sun except me.
I am only here as a neutral observer”
Until the President says “I will” he will not inspire much confidence in Nigerians. Hence in this recession one knows their true friends. The one who says he will do and carries it through is a friend in deed. The one who talks little but gets the job done should be cherished above all.

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Nigerians have heard enough talk of how Nigeria is going to be an El Dorado of our dreams yet see absolutely no traction or rubber burning.
Hence I sit back in my chair preparing for a long hard recession for when no one wants to accept responsibility and personalize our problems by making it theirs I have no choice but to dig my trenches and hunker down awaiting a docile President to pick up the gauntlet and say I will get things done.
Until then I WILL continue to document the Chronicles of Buharinomics as the Recession marches on. More Action talk less, that’s today’s lesson.

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