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meeting the celebrity| let’s Meet one of Nigeria’s youngest fashion designer: MD/CEO ZINE FASHION HOUSE

On the first edition of “Let’s meet the CELEB” with Crystal News, Nigerian super talented fashion designer, Obunezi Angel Nnokam speaks with Ezebunwo Omachi. As She explains the Creation of her brand name “ZINE”, as well as her love for fashion and challenges facing the industry in Nigeria.

Excerpts from the interview:

I learnt you just celebrated your 25th birthday on the 22nd of April?

Yes. 22nd of April was my birthday. I expected a “happy belated birthday” from you.

My bad, let me use this opportunity to wish you a happy birthday in arrears. Am wishing you God’s blessings and all the best life has to offer.

Meanwhile how did you come about your brand name “ZINE FASHION HOUSE”?

OK. As you know,  my name is obunezi.
One day, I was brain storming with my cousin when I just started getting orders in school from clients and prospective clients alike. (On a name I would use) I wanted to incorporate my name into the business name at the same time,  I wanted a name that can be easily pronounced by anyone hearing it for the first time, Putting that into consideration. I have Nezi which am fondly called by some family members. Then I coined ZINE from NEZI.  ZINE is pronounced ZYN.

Fashion House is a general term because in the long run. ZINE will be catering for a lot of other fashion needs, including Interior furnishing.

Why did you go into fashion?

Well, I think fashion went into me. That was some years ago.  I have always loved making dresses for my dolls and reading fashion articles.
Somehow, I got primary knowledge and started making for myself. People saw, liked and started placing orders. Voila!  Business started.

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How would you describe your journey so far in the fashion industry as a young woman.?

It has not been easy. The industry as we know, is already staged by the “big names”. Being young, it is pertinent that you get a lot of lows. The most important thing is letting your work speak for itself. Putting your work out there before anybody gets to actually see and realise its from a young designer. They are already in love with your work.

So far I’ve seen alot of lovely dresses. Do you also make men’s wear.?

The calling was to make female clothes.
However, we do make male clothes also but The female clothing brand is more publicised.

Who inspires you in fashion?

Miss Toying Lawani. MD/Ceo Tiannah place Empire Lagos, Nigeria.  She is a fashion designer/stylist.

She owns over 21 businesses under one roof. She is a hard worker. Her drive and commitment to fashion designing, styling and the fashion business entirely is something I strive to be like.

If not for fashion what else would you do.?

Am actually a biomedical physician. I hope to practice after my national youth service. Along side making people beautiful clothes for beautiful people, of course.

What are the basic challenges you face as a fashion designer?

Power!  The power supply in this country of ours is a major set back. Another set back is lack of funds.  Access to loans and the neck breaking interest rates forced on young entrepreneurs by our financial institutions.
Again, The dependence of our economy on imports is depriving our fashion industry of its much needed growth.  For instance,  Nigerians have more value on their imported clothes over our own locally and perfectly tailored clothes.  The policies already set are not encouraging our local fashion industry. Our civil servants for instance are only allowed A day in a whole week of Indigenous dressing. Our textile industry has a whole lot of work to do in terms of producing fabrics that can compete with international standard.

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Furthermore,  we will tackle these challenges in our little way. Proving to Nigerians and the rest of the world that we can afford to Carter for our own clothing needs, thereby growing our own economy.

What advice would you give to the government about fashion and the industry.?

This is a very important question as I was looking forward to it.
First we need to encourage our own if we want to grow.  The dependence of our economy on oil cannot be overemphasized. There is a call for diversification. Bank of Industry should ensure provision is made for young entrepreneurs in the fashion industry.
Also, our textile industry should work towards producing fabrics that can compete with international standards, restoring the confidence of Nigerians in our fashion industry. The depreciating power supply also should be tackled as Generating power with the use of Generators is not cost effective.

Can you tell everyone what they need to know about “ZINE FASHION HOUSE”?

Zine Fashion House is a bespoke clothing company committed to making perfectly tailored outfits to meet Nigerians’ and the world’s needs. Zine was founded professionally about 3 years ago during my University days at age 22. At Zine Fashion House,  we are committed to ensuring that Nigerians imbibe the culture of wearing exquisitely locally manufactured dresses for all occasions including “office” clothes.

Below is a mini gallery courtesy ZINE FASHION HOUSE:

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