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Happy birthday to one of Cystal finest! Our own Martins Ibitamuno Ogolo who is
celebrating another successful revolution around the sun today! As one of our
most dedicated reporters, he plays a vital role both behind-the-scenes and on
the frontline. Martins is considered by all to be an irreplaceable part of our
team and provides the support, creativity, and leadership that keeps every
aspect of Crystal News running smoothly. Crystal News would truly not be the same without him and we are honoured
to call him one of our own.

You can keep up with all of Martins adventures by following
him on Twitter @GeneralMI or add him up on FACEBOOK Martins Ibitamuno Ogolo

The Crystal News staff each had something to say about our beloved
reporter in honour of his birthday!
Clifford, Staff Reporter/Editor/Analyst
The Crystal News staff each had something to say about our beloved
reporter in honour of his birthday!
One does not simply describe just how amazing Martins is
using written words but I will try my best! 
He was one of the first Crystal News staff members I really got to know.
I cannot possibly begin to explain how much he does for Crystal News. His work
ethic, drive, and passion never fail to blow me away. When Martins says he’s
going to do something, not only can you rely on him to do it but you can expect
it to be done 111%! On top of all Martins is hard-working and talented
characteristics, he is also unbelievably kind and an overall handsome soul. It
is completely fair to call him “the whole package” and I’m truly honoured to
have the privilege of working with him. Happy Birthday Martins! I am forever at
your service! *bows*
Eric, Staff Reporter/Contributor
When you first get to know Martins, you immediately realize
what a hardworking and kind person he is. When I say kind person, I mean that he
is generous, enthusiastic, and good at heart. Martins is always willing to give
100% whether it is for Crystal News or to support you. His sense of humour
always brightens up any conversation. Hopefully, Martins and I get to move mountains
someday. In the meantime, I wish him all the best for his birthday!
Kingsley, Contributor
Martins is absolutely an amazing person, reporter and all
around human being. I’m constantly in awe of how much she does for Crystal News
and I know I speak for the entire team when I say that he is such a vital part
of the news family. Not only is he hardworking, he’s incredibly good and is
always there to lend a hand to anyone. I’m wishing you a VERY happy birthday, Martins!
You deserve all the best.
Photos of Martins Ibitamuno Ogolo

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