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Man inserts iron rod, pepper into wife’s private part over alleged infidelity

farmer identified as Terfa escaped been lynched by an angry mob in
Vandeikya Area of for
inserting iron rod
and pepper into his wife’s private part after suspecting her of
crystal reports that Terfa, a yam farmer who is very hot
tempered is married to two wives and had always been harsh on them,
adding that he would engage anyone who greets them in his presence.
however started on the fateful day when his junior wife who had gone to
a market came back late, this infuriated him and he accused her of
seeing another man.
her defence, the woman attempted to plead that the vehicle she boarded
broke down but Trefa refused to listen to the claim and in the process,
he pounced on her, tied her up and inserted an iron rod and pepper in
her private part.
The report further stated that Terfa’s first
wife ran out and alerted the village head who sent people to rescue the
woman who was bleeding profusely. She was rescued and taken to a nearby
The timely intervention of the village head saved Terfa from been lynched by the angry mob, the report claimed.

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