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Yesterday before hitting the road, I helped my mother kill some catfish. Well, she’s never had to deal with live catfish so she didn’t know how to kill it and I told her I’ll help her. I picked up a pestle and said you have to bash it on the head. I bashed in on their heads and threw them in the sink and she instructed the help to cut them up.

As the help began cutting, she screamed and said they were still alive and I said keep cutting and do it quickly, they’re dead either way. That fish is the Magnus Abe group. Bashed in the head, thrown in the sink, yet still wiggling hopelessly.

I’ve seen Rivers APC members complain and cry that we’ve began this road again and might be experiencing Deja Vu and I laugh. We saw the Supreme Court handle the cases of Dele Cole and Ibrahim Umar and the wordings in that judgment the learned Justice used. Did I expect Freedom House to fight again? Yes. Did I expect them to apply same tactics, well not really. I’ve always been taught that only fools apply same tactics and expect different scenarios.

No one should count the Magnus Abe group as APC members. The truth is that they’re not. They’re not fighting for internal democracy but they’re fighting for the death of Rivers APC. In all your dealings with them, suffer them not peace and brotherly love. At least the PDP members are clearly on the other divide but these ones claim to live with you under the same roof but want to pull it down.

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If anyone claims that this is politics, I think you clearly haven’t been around so much. From their utterances through Barr Boms, their media boys and even their principal, Sen Magnus, you’ll smell the deep hate in their hearts. Their conquest has eaten deep into their souls and bore bile so bitter you can smell it if you stood with them. That’s what happens to one who knows he has lost out of a game but still wants some sort of victory. They desire destruction. Reminds you of Satan doesn’t it? Thrown out of heaven, can’t return but will stop at nothing to destroy God’s most precious creations.

A group that claims is fighting for internal democracy but want concessions and not a contest. Democracy is a contest and that is what Rivers APC is practicing. Forms were sold and rules to selling these forms were giving but this group deliberately delayed in turning up to buy forms and when they finally did, they refused to follow the rules knowing fully well they won’t be attended to, so this can be a basis for another round of complaints.

They’ve gone on same road again and in their best minds, they see a repeat of 2019. Quite laughable. If they think Rivers APC would make those same mistakes with them again, then they must really think we’re fools. This will end so quickly for them like a fish bashed in the head, thrown in the sink and wiggling helplessly.

Rivers APC, keep cutting and make it quick!

Egop Awajimimam Joshua Sampson

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APC Stalwart Ward 6, Andoni LGA.


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