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Lagos – Ibadan Train Schedule & Ticket Prices Today

The Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC), on Monday, December 7th, 2020, announced the official commencement of the Lagos-Abeokuta-Ibadan rail service operations. This announcement was made by Mr. Jerry Oche, the Railway District Manager, in Lagos.

The Lagos – Ibadan Train Service (LITS) offers fully air-conditioned train services in varying categories. These trains comprise newly acquired coaches and locomotives. And there are options for everyone, as tickets are available in Economy, Business, and First Class categories.

Lagos – Ibadan Train: Ticket Prices

The Lagos – Ibadan train service comprises 3 trip zones:

  • Lagos to Ibadan (Zone 1-2)
  • Lagos to Abeokuta (Zone 1)
  • Abeokuta to Ibadan (Zone 2)

Lagos to Ibadan Train Ticket Prices

  • 24 seater == N6,000
  • 56 seater == N5,000
  • 68 seater == N3,500
  • 88 seater == N2,500

Lagos to Abeokuta only: Ticket Prices

  • 24 seater == N4,500
  • 56 seater == N3,500
  • 68 seater == N3,000
  • 88 seater == N2,000

Abeokuta to Ibadan only: Ticket Prices

  • 24 seater == N2,000
  • 56 seater == N1,500
  • 68 seater == N1,000
  • 88 seater == N600

Note: The 24-seater coaches are for First Class passengers, the 56- and 68-seater coaches are for the Business Class, while the 88-seater coaches are for the Economy Class.

Lagos to Ibadan Train Schedule

As full operations are yet to commence on the Lagos – Ibadan, the NRC is yet to release the full official schedule for train fares. For now, the LITS facilitates only 2 trips a day.

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Here’s the present schedule of trips at the Lagos-Ibadan Train Service:


  • Lagos to Ibadan: Departure time is 8.30 am
  • Ibadan to Lagos: Departure time is 6 pm


  • Ibadan to Lagos: Departure time is 8 am
  • Lagos to Ibadan: Departure time is 4 pm

Lagos to Ibadan Train: Other Things You Need to Know

A trip from Lagos to Ibadan or Ibadan to Lagos ordinarily takes roughly two and a half hours. However, with stopovers in Abeokuta, expect the journey to take longer. So, if you’re really pressed for time and would prefer a faster journey, taking a flight would be your best bet.

The point of departure at Ibadan is the Chief Obafemi Awolowo Station at Moniya. The train leaves this station at exactly 8.00 am and arrives at the Mobolaji Johnson Station at Ebutte Metta, Lagos at around 10.40 am. That’s a little over 2.5 hours.

For the return trip to Ibadan, the train leaves the Mobolaji Johnson Station at 4.00 pm and arrives at Moniya by 6.40 pm.

As of the time of this writing, the LITS operates a limited schedule with just 2 trains a day. However, this will increase to 16 daily trips after the construction of the remaining stations is complete.

Passengers looking to board the train in Lagos should go to the station at Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos. The entrance to the station is right next to the Alagomeji bus stop.

Passengers in Ibadan are to board the train at the Moniya station, which is located about 20 minutes drive from the Iwo road garage and about 10 minutes drive from the Ojoo main park — in the absence of heavy traffic.

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Children above 14 years of age are to pay the full adult price, while those below 14 years are to pay half of the adult price.

Always arrive at the train station at least 30 or one hour minutes before the time of departure (the timing is quite strict). This will give you enough time to register, buy your ticket, and prepare your mind for the journey ahead.

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