What can we say of a city ( port Harcourt)  without Important road management tools ?
Is it enough to refer to Port Harcourt, as an
over hyped city,  full of money and a barrow of boast?
Over the years, I have wondered why well travelled friends don’t see Port Harcourt the way I see her.

But being on the road, driving with my heart and empty tank through cities these few days, suddenly, has taught me how to look at things through the opinion of my friends.
No road signs;
No road direction;
No traffic lights;
No street lights.
In the absence of these management tools, how do we intend to see our metropolitan centers as being  transformed into hubs of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Do you know that,  Improved street lighting is widely thought to be an effective means of preventing crime, second in importance only to increased police presence.
lot of emphasis is placed on road signs and they serve as an effective traffic management tool.

Cities like Lagos and Calabar, and now Uyo are in the lead in the provision of this intelligent and critical infrastructure.
But Port Harcourt. We seem to have lost ourselves in the huge burden of money and resources: that our blessing now seems like a curse. We are becoming a laughing stock within the committee of states.

Amaechi did his best..In my opinion – it wasn’t wasn’t good enough. He could have done better.  And I was hoping his successor will build on the structure bequeathed to him.
Surprisingly, the man has returned to building roads without walkways, under ground drainage, and worse still, no room for expansion.

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There is no city in the south with the kind of roads being built by governor Wike .
I’m saddened, that my argument can no more be sustained by the reality on ground.
Something needs to be done. We need to return this city to being the pride of the South.
The responsibility starts with no other person but the government of Rivers State and YOU

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