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INCRA Felicitates With Rivers People On Democracy Day

INCRA Felicitates With Rivers People On Democracy Day

~Scores below Pass Mark as he clocks two years in office.

The Inter-Ethnic Network For Chibuike Rotimi , ( INCRA ) felicitates with Nigerians and in particular Rivers people as the Nation celebrates 18-years of democracy after the  transition from military rule to a civilian on May 29, 1999.

As a Pan-Rivers group that has the interest, progress and of Rivers State as one of our main thrust, we are gravely perturbed about the state of affairs in Rivers State, especially, as it relates to the activities of the government.
It is regrettable that apart from the fact that today serves to remind us of our liberation from the stranglehold of decades of military junta, Rivers people do not seem to have enough reasons to celebrate as it were.

We have continued to witness a sharp deviation from what governance truly entails, there is a noticeable departure from the set standards of governance in the history of Rivers State and an increasing level of misdirection and misgovernance.

Two years on the saddle, the  Wike-led government has failed to produce any development blueprint, the State is run without a budget or what can accurately pass for a “phantom budget.” There has been a rapid rise in insecurity and thus, a rise in mortality rate.

Two years down the road, our state of the art educational and facilities are now experiencing disgregation, decadence and entropy occasioned by the deliberate abandonment by the present government majorly for political reasons.
It is sickening to note that  there is no presence of any form of constituency projects anywhere in the State executed by the House of Assembly members  of which Wike is presumably the 33rd member as it were.

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As a State, our pains far outweigh our gains. Citizens are cold-bloodedly murdered daily and decollated; unemployment is on the rise, infrastructure and social amenities are on decay; Human capacity development programs and policies are alien to this government. Obviously, Providing good governance is indeed a rocket science for the Wike-led government.

How can the Government be able to perform its constitutional responsibilities to Rivers people when it is run by and surrounded by political liabilities?
Wike’s government is rooted in elitism. A system surrounded by politically and administratively spent individuals like  Chief Sergeant Awuse, Celestine Omehia, George Sekibo, Uche Secondus, Austin Opara, and their likes. They feast heavily on the State resources thereby impoverishing the masses.
This is apparently because Wike appears morally bound to continue to reward these few individuals for the various ignoble roles they have played and are still playing for him.

We state boldly that while other States in the Federation are celebrating Democracy Day in commemoration of the end of military reign, Rivers State is ironically celebrating two years of return to Military rule. Governor Wike runs a unitary government akin to the military system of government where power is vested only at the centre. The Judiciary under Wike is supine, pliable and highly vulnerable. The legislature  is a rubber stamp and under his firm control. The Governor is both the de facto head of the Judiciary and Legislature in the State. This situation is highly anti-democratic  and inimical to the development and progress of our dear State.

While we expect Governor Wike to try to improve the fortunes of Rivers people by embarking on meaningful and developmental projects, programs and policies instead of his usual funfares, we call on all true Rivers people to collectively ensure that this junta is not extended beyond 2019.

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This is a clarion call that must be heeded for the betterment of our beloved State.

God Bless Rivers State!

May 29, 2017.

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