INCRA Condemns Attacks On Livingstone

INCRA Condemns Attacks On Livingstone

▫Hails his show of courage and compunction.

▫Dares others to follow suit.

The Inter-ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, INCRA, strongly condemns the flurry of attacks on the person and character of Mr. Livingstone Wechie by members of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for divulging the fraudulent and flagitious falsification of documents by the Wike-led State government used in the petition against Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, the Honourable Minister of Transportation.

Mr. Wechie has become the subject of several unmitigated verbal assaults emanating from members of his Party, the PDP, shortly after he blew the whistle on Governor Wike’s sinister acts and devilry towards his former boss and benefactor, Chibuike Amaechi. Mr. Wechie through one Integrity Group under the auspices of the Wike-led government, had on July 29, 2015, petitioned the President, Senate EFCC, and the ICPC to investigate and prosecute former Governor Amaechi in a bid to stop his nomination and subsequent screening as a Cabinet member of the President Buhari-led  government.

Mr Livingstone Wechie 

Two years after, Mr. Wechie has realised he was used to actualise an unholy end against Amaechi, a man who coordinated the activities of his government above board and maintained an impeccable and nonpareil integrity and transparency in all his dealings, a quality which the present State government is incapable of emulating.

Having come to the realisation that the documents supplied him by the Rivers State government under Governor Wike for the petition against Amaechi were feigned to discredit, impugn and burlesque Amaechi in the eyes of the public, Mr. Wechie took a rewarding dare to unburden his conscience and speak the truth in vindication of Amaechi  who was almost robbed of his ministerial appointment as a result of that ignoble petition.


For us, this is an act of Providence as Amaechi, who hitherto has been wrongfully and serially accused by the Wike administration merely for political gratifications, has been vindicated and this means a lot to us.
Mr. Wechie’s audacity to take the self-correcting measure of retracting his allegations against Amaechi and stating the truth accordingly, deserves our commendation. We encourage him to consummate this act of penitence by unmasking other similar acts and chicanery of the government in his knowledge.

Besides vindicating  Amaechi, Mr. Wechie’s confessional statement on AIT’s Focus Nigeria program serves to enlighten the general public on Wike’s habitual artifice and cozenage on matters of public concern. The Wike-led government is now held in public opprobrium for its continual breach of ethics and betrayal of public trust and confidence in the government. Rivers people no longer have faith in present State government.

We have the confidence that Mr. Wechie’s bravery will rub off soon enough on  a host of other characters who inundate us daily with falsities in a bid to defend the indefensible and vile activities of the government, running from one Radio Station to another, who are currently under the employ of the Wike-led government to do its hatchet jobs and slam piece. We are convinced that more of such confessional statements will follow in quick succession because the truth can stay aground only for a short while.

Ubima, Rivers State,

July 19, 2017.

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