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Igo Aguma’s Threats to Shutdown the State Party Secretariat: A Complete Hoax – Rivers APC

Below is a statement from the Ag. Publicity Of APC

Last week, the suspended Caretaker Committee Chairman, Rt. the Hon. Igo Aguma announced he had the authority of the APC National Secretariat to shutdown what he described as factional offices of the APC operating in the State. He is quoted as saying in the media that he has presented his position to the National Secretariat of the APC and secured the necessary understanding of party officials in .

He is also purported as saying that the Caretaker Committee led by Rt. the Hon. Sokonte Davies has allegedly acted in breach of the order issued by NEC. In his view, he would like the world to believe that the Caretaker Committee led by Sokonte Davies headed to Court in defiance of the order of NEC which had the seal of our National Leader, President .

It has become necessary to state as follows :

  1. That the supposed impetus allegedly granted to Hon. Igo Aguma to shutdown the State Party Secretariat by the National Caretaker Committee under the watch of Buni of Yobe State is a complete hoax. There is no truth whatsoever in the claim. No decision in respect of the closure of the State Party Secretariat at 63 Port Harcourt – Aba Expressway has been reached;
  2. That the spurious claim which says that the Caretaker Committee or its members have gone to court to challenge an earlier court judgment which set aside the leadership of a previous Caretaker Committee put in place by the National Secretariat is utterly false. We are amazed that in order to hang on to a molecule of power, Hon. Igo Aguma can afford to fly so low;
  3. Safe for the contempt proceedings entered by Igo Aguma and his backers in a Port Harcourt High Court against the Sokonte Davies led Caretaker Committee, no member of the Caretaker Committee has defied the order of NEC. On the contrary, Hon Igo Aguma, acting in cohoot with others at large, has dragged key members of the Caretaker Committee, including Hon. Sokonte Davies and Senator , to court after NEC summarily directed all party members to withdraw their cases from Court. Facts pertaining to the case in question can be verified;
  4. We recall that the matter before the Court of Appeal was entered by Ogbobula and others, who were individually and collectively affected by the decision of the Lower Court. Records show that they went upstairs as soon as the State High Court ruled in favour of Hon. Igo Aguma to protect their rights. We note that the action in which we have no hands preceded the drective of NEC on pending cases before the courts. Aguma should take heed of this fact and refrain from his attempt to deceive the public;
  5. As a result of our respect for constituted authority, statutory members have not proceeded to court to challenge Aguma’s flagrant disregard for the spirit and letters of the judgment delivered by Justice Omereji. That Judgment directed him to act in collaboration with his colleagues in order to rebuild the party;
  6. In behaving like a sole administrator and circumventing laid down rules and procedures, Aguma acted in complete violation of the APC Constitution. Article 14 of that instrument specifies what should happen to erring members who step out of line in negation of the overall interest of the party;
  7. These notwithstanding, we appeal to all who are flouting the directives of the party by pursuing legal matters to desist forthwith. Nothing good will come from the demonstration of such level of obstinacy, insubordination and disregard of the basic tenets of the APC Constitution which remains a binding force.

Accordingly, we urge members of the public to ignore the diversionary antics, empty claims and cheap propaganda that are emanating from Igo Aguma and his co-conspirators who are determined for selfish reasons to stand in the way of their own party. They would certainly fail.

Finally, the letter which Igo Aguma thinks he has exclusive possession of was forwarded, perhaps earlier than his to the State Party Secretariat at 63, Port Harcourt – Aba Expressway. We are certain he was instructed to withdraw his matter in line with the party’s directive. Rather than obey the dictates of the party, we have learnt through credible sources that Aguma is planning to file more cases. How then can he claim to be an architect of peace?

Hon. Igo Aguma should take full responsibility for engaging in acts that are intended to derail efforts that are being made to rebuild the party. We hope that he would forgo his ambition to impose himself on others. We similarly pray he would realize that democracy thrives when the rule of the silent majority as opposed to the voracious noises of a few is respected. While we wish Igo Aguma and his co-travellers well, we urge them to return to the mainstream and participate in the task of rebuilding our great Party. The days of “jaguda politics” are over.

Hon. Ogbonna Nwuke

Ag. State Publicity Secretary,

Rivers APC.

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