Gov Wike Should Resign : INCRA

Gov Wike Should Resign : INCRA

▫Says the government is in a state of infamy.

The Inter-ethnic Network for Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, INCRA, a luminary Pan-Rivers media front, particularly concerned about the progress and interest of Rivers State, calls for Governor Wike’s resignation.

The call is coming at the heels of the shocking revelations made by the leader of the Integrity Group, Mr. Livingstone Wechie over the contemptible and inglorious role of the Wike-led State government in the petitions written against Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, former Governor of Rivers State, to the President, Senate, EFCC and ICPC by the group. The group in its protestations, levelled weighty allegations of corruption and other criminal offences against Amaechi at the behest and patronage of the Wike-led government.

According to Mr. Wechie, Amaechi’s Chief petitioner, the documents supplied his group were fraudulently forged by the Wike-led government to indict Amaechi for political reasons and portray him  as corrupt before the public. A situation that serves as a smokescreen for Wike’s heinous fiscal  crimes against Rivers State.

Having thoroughly examined the position and assertions of Mr. Wechie and satisfied ourselves that his claims are veracious, we are therefore, vexed that the State government under Gov. Wike could engage in such a morally reprehensible act of forgery, a criminal offence punishable under the extant laws of the land, thereby, bringing the exalted office of the Governor into to public derision.

We are further compelled by this recent development to recollect numerous other guileful acts of the government under Wike. Recall that the same Wike-led government had earlier claimed that a certain $48Million discovered by men of the EFCC in a luxurious apartment in Ikoyi, Lagos State, belonged to the Rivers State government and in their wont, accused Amaechi of being the owner of the said apartment. However, Governor Wike failed to appear before a law court to advance his claims on the money and possibly take possession of it when invited. An act which translates to a betrayal of the public trust reposed on the government by the people of Rivers State. The implication therefore, is that government is in a state of infamy and can not be held accountable by the people. We now have a government which is not only reckless but irresponsible and cannot be taken seriously by its assertion and actions.

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Presently our State is run without a budget and the government has carried on without regard for it. A document that represents and reflects  government’s plans for the people as well as provides a guide for the implementation of all its fiscal programs.

It is unthinkable that the Wike administration can operate without a budget, which in itself us criminal and yet expend so much resources trying to indict former Governor Amaechi’s  government that operated with a budget which it made public on the State government’s website and all other relevant  public domains. On the contrary, Wike’s government has engendered an inversion and a reversal of the normal order of government activities. The budget has become a prerogative of the government instead of the public.

Need we be reminded of the heightened level of insecurity in the State and the obvious inability of the government to manage the situation? Innocent citizens and residents are murdered and decollated on daily basis; crimes are committed freely with careless abandon. Yet we have a government in place.

The sad truth is that we have a government that is rickety and inadequate. Our State is one that has almost lost the capacity to manage itself. Government arrangements are so badly designed for contemporary and political purposes with little regard for the wellbeing of the generality of the masses. Taxpayers’ money are wasted and good programs mismanaged. We are now at the brink of becoming a failed State.

Rather than dissipate scarce resources on trivialities and sponsorship of various  attempts in futility to discredit the revelations made by Mr. Wechie, it is our view that Governor Wike should muster the courage to salvage what is left of his integrity if any, by tendering his resignation and save the State from the burden of moral bankruptcy which is imminent should he not heed our counsel.

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It is in view of the above and many other brazen-faced and dishonourable actions of the government that we strongly demand the immediate resignation of Governor Wike. Our demand is actuated only out of patriotic concern.

Ubima, Rivers State,

July 21, 2017.

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