Dakuku Peterside; The Gadfly

Dakuku Peterside; The Gadfly

By Achor Omodu

Frantz Fanon said and I quote, “each generation, must out of relative obscurity, discover its mission; fulfill it or betray it”. The aforementioned quote draws our attention to the significant role we are to play in instituting orderliness and purposefulness in our socio-political milieu.

Dr. Dakuku Peterside’s description of the recent actions of Gov. Wike as huge embarrassment to Rivers collective  interest is to restate the obvious. He stated that the unguarded utterances and unrestrained actions of the governor if not checked will continue to diminish the good efforts of the founding fathers and past forward-looking and development-driven leaders of Rivers State. What is wrong with that statement? Is that not a statement of fact that even members of the PDP in Rivers State also hold to be true but cannot speak out because of partisan affiliation?

The 2015 Rivers State governorship candidate of the APC and now the Director-General of NIMASA, Dr. Peterside, has demonstrated considerable level of tolerance, love and devotion for our dear State hence his constant call for a redirection of the Ship of State for the benefit of all. Has the governor not exhibited braggadocious proclivities that any rational-thinking being from Rivers State and beyond have had to ask “how did Rivers State get to this level of degeneration?”. Would it have been better that we all remain silent and watch our dear State be made a laughing stock within the Nigerian political space in particular and the international community in general.

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Peterside’s position that Gov. Wike’s statement that he will fight with all his strength to ensure that the police officers who were recently dismissed for committing electoral crimes and insubordination are set free puts Gov. Wike as a man lacking in vision and devotion to good causes. No society records growth where the citizens who act impudently are not punished or reprimanded. Laws are made for society’s orderliness, control and social engineering.

Dr. Peterside, as you are aware, is man who has never hidden his agenda to put Rivers State in the map of development, hence his, “Roadmap To Prosperity” which he offered freely to the Wike-led government. The “Roadmap To Prosperity” of Dr. Dakuku Peterside encapsulates a forward-looking development strategy that would have put Rivers State side by side with Lagos State development-wise had the Apex Court not done otherwise.

How do you expect rational-thinking Rivers men and women to keep quiet while Rivers State degenerates on daily basis? Do you expect Dr. Peterside, a PhD holder in Management to keep quiet while Rivers State, a State he dreamed of moving forward, be only referred to in the negatives? Is it not on record that the NEW government is bereft of ideas?
Is it not true that the NEW administration devalues us on daily basis through uncouth communications?
Is it not true that Nigerians laugh at Rivers State each time they hear our governor talk?

To our Governor, Barr Nyesom Wike, we want you to succeed because any right decision you make will have a spiral effect on all. This is 2017, please 2019 is ticking fast. It will be so bad that after 4 years at the Brick House, Rivers people won’t point at any landmark achievement made possible by you. It’s high time you put governance in place. The last 18 months were wasted on unnecessary and unhealthy politicking.


Kudos, DAP, the gadfly, as you continue to redirect the Ship of State.

From the stable of Vintage Achor Omodu.

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