Even Niccolo Machiavelli, as deadly as he is portrayed by his philosophical scribendi, still displayed some level of good conscience when he admonished leaders in his book ‘ The Prince’ that if they must sacrifice anybody in any quest for power, it should be their nobles and not the people at all.
This, according to him, is because if you sacrifice your nobles, you will raise other nobles from the people to replace them…but if you sacrifice the people, who will you rule over?

What happened in Rivers state, during the elections earlier in the year, is nothing but a clear case of a leader who brutally murdered his own people in their numbers and in his inordinate quest for power. Today, instead of our Rivers of good possibilities, we are having unending Rivers of blood as the killings, kidnappings, armed robberies etc have become episodic with each day presenting it’s own episode of horror and fear….with peace as the sacrificed alternative or variable.

This heightened level of dystopia have not come surprising to us, as it is only natural that if you come into power through the barrels of gun, you must sustain it through same methods…besides, you can’t give what you don’t have.

Because peace is one variable that each one of us desires, we must therefore be ready to overcome every inhibitions to be part of good history as we oblige ourselves to the golden mandate of RIVERS BLACK MONDAY…. Remember to come before 8 AM on Monday @ APC party Secretariat, along Old GRA Portharcourt; Come dressed in an all black attire for the candle light procession in honor of several murdered souls and victims of red-blood .

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Postmodernist Victor Nwobike (PVN)
– Political Scientist cum Analyst
– Social Critic

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