DEAR people of Rivers South-East Senatorial District, beginning from today, the Rivers South-East Situation Room (RSESR) will be doing an objective comparison between two of our illustrious sons, the Most Distinguished Senator Magnus Ngei Abe of the APC and Hon. Olaka Johnson Nwogu of the PDP on how they acted in similar situations when they had opportunity to represent our people in the Senate. The comparison of action in a variety of situations will enable our people make informed decision as to who is better and electable between the two of them to represent us and bring honour to our district during the coming rerun senatorial election.

Sen Magnus Abe

Today, we begin with how both personalities acted when ministerial nominees from Rivers State appeared before the Senate for confirmation hearing.

On October 22nd, 2015, Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi, former Governor of Rivers State appeared before the Senate for confirmation having been nominated by President BUHARI as a Ministerial Nominee. Before that day, Olaka Nwogu had joined other Senators from Rivers State to sign a frivolous petition against the nomination of the former Governor on very spurious grounds. His intention was to deny Rivers State its ministerial slot by engaging in bitter political vendetta plot. When Amaechi appeared on the floor of the Senate that day, he duly acknowledged Olaka Nwogu as a friend and room mate in their university days. Yet, because of political recrimination, Olaka still joined others to walk out of the Senate to stall the confirmation of his fellow Rivers man. Olaka couldn’t live above pettiness and sentimental political affiliation for the sake of the interest of Rivers people which include the people of Rivers South-East District.

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Olaka Nwogu

Compare that to what Magnus Abe did when he had the opportunity to speak for the nominee from his state in the Senate.

On the 11th of March, 2015, Barr Kenneth Kobani, unrepentant political rival of Magnus Abe appeared on the floor of the Senate for confirmation hearing having been nominated by former President Jonathan to replace another Rivers son in the Federal Cabinet. Back home in Rivers State, there was acrimonious relationship between the PDP and APC to which Magnus belonged. The political temperature in Rivers State was high to a boiling point. Kenneth Kobani, if confirmed, would lead the onslaught against the re-election bid of Magnus Abe. In Gokana LGA where both Magnus and Kenneth Kobani hail from, people suspected to be supporters of Kenneth Kobani were already tearing down campaign materials of Senator Magnus Abe. So everybody expected that Magnus would work to block the nomination of Barr. Kenneth Kobani for good reasons.

But Senator Magnus Abe, a thorough gentleman and a pure statesman had other ideas. He was able to live above pettiness and unhelpful political vendetta to announce himself on national stage to be a great, patriotic Nigerian who is always willing to put the national interest above the narrow interest of his political party. Before him was a trembling Kenneth Kobani who didn’t know what to expect from his political rival.  But Abe towered above pettiness and shocked the whole of Nigeria when he uttered the following magnificent  words:

“…Distinguished Senators of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, standing before you is Barr. Kenneth Kobani of some very marginalized minority in this country. He is eminently qualified and well grounded to serve this country at this time. I wish to appeal sir, within the mood of this Senate, that Barr Kenneth Kobani should be allowed to take a bow, so that this Senate can concentrate on some other matters. Thank your very much Mr President”


With that great speech, Kenneth Kobani was allowed to take a bow and confirmed as a Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the Senate without any delay.

Having read the actions of both of our sons in similar circumstances, who brought honour to our people? Whose action is worth emulating? Who demonstrated the true spirit if a Rivers man? Who is large-hearted as a true leader? Who showed a good example worthy of emulation to the young people of our district?

Our duty to get the right person to represent us starts now!

You be the judge!


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