SECURITY operators have uncovered and seized Radio Biafra’s illegal transmitter heavily camouflaged and hidden in a container in Umuahia North Local Government Area of Abia State, Riverine Boat-Man can authoritatively report.

Following the recent arrest and interrogation of Radio Biafra director Nnamdi Kanu, security agents have been desperately searching for the transmitter from which he makes his illegal broadcasts. Operating as a pirate radio station, Radio Biafra is online based and Mr Kanu sends his messages from the UK where he resides and users in Nigeria get them by logging on.

It had been known in intelligence circles that the station had gone on a major fund raiser over the past two years, gathering over $100,000 to procure and ship this massive equipment from Europe. However, no one had any idea that Mr Kanu had managed to procure a transmitter this large.

Over recent months, Radio Biafra has been vitriolic, calling no Igbos to take up arms against the Nigerian state and threatening a bloodbath if its demands were not met. It is believed in intelligence circles that the previous government of President Goodluck Jonathan turned a blind eye to the activities of Mr Kanu for fear of offending Igbo sensibilities, hence allowed him to import the transmitter.

For now, Mr Kanu remains in detention and faces possible serious charges including treasonable felony, sedition and posing a national security threat. He has been seen soliciting guns and bullets to kill Nigerians in a video and was declared wanted by the Imo state government this March in connection with two pastor-gunrunners who had been supplying him with AK47s and other lethal equipment.

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Since Mr Kanu’s arrest last months, there have been protests up and down Igboland calling for his unconditional release. His supporters are also demanding the recreation of the defunct republic of Biafrathat existed briefly between 1967 and 1970.
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