Before We Crucify Amaechi

Before We Crucify Amaechi

By Aaron Mike Odeh

We are living in a sinful world and delivered to the world with sins.
Nobody can claim righteousness and holiness. However, some of us
believe they are holier than others. We feel we don’t commit sins. As
a result of which we condemn people without difficulty over mere
allegations which has not yet been investigated by the law enforcement
agents and proven by a competent court of law. Before we crucify some
of these men that are said to have looted the country’s resources we
should not take the law into our hands by spreading rumours.  Rather,
allow the security personnel to thoroughly carry out their
investigations as I earlier posited to ascertain whether these people
were guilty or not guilty.

It will be too early for us to start crucifying Mr. Rotimi Chibuike
Amaechi over the recently discovered whopping 43 million dollars found
in Osborne Towers in Ikoyi Lagos. Though, several media organizations
have been flying different segments of the since the broke
out last week over the discovery of the mouthwatering hard currencies,
it will be wrong for an individual or a group of people to allege that
the money belongs to Amaechi after he has come out boldly to deny the
allegation and even threatened to sue those who are flying his name
around as the owner of the house and the money.

A good public and political analyst won’t be wrong to condemn those
who are mentioning Amaechi’s name in connection with the discovered
money as a result of their own personal hatred for the indomitable
Hon. Minister for Transport. Else, many other names were mentioned in
connection to the found hard currencies, but, it is only that of
Amaechi that is ringing a bell in the heart of people especially in
the camp of the opposition party, with their chieftains mainly
championing the fake news. Now, let us take a look at the names of
those who are linked to the apartment where the money was found. It
will surprise a lot of us who are busy crucifying Amaechi
unnecessarily to know that his name is not even on the list after all
the sponsored lies against him by those who has seen his rising
political profile as detrimental to their already faded political


The full list of occupants of the luxury apartment building in Lagos
where operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission
(EFCC) discovered the $43.4million has emerged according to Sahara
From the names published by Sahara Reporters there is nowhere the name
of Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi, the Hon. Minister of Transport appeared.
So bad that many Nigerians jumped into conclusion without carrying out
tangible investigations to ascertain the facts. Well Amaechi, I want
to appeal to you to forgive those who as a result of your God ordained
rising profile want to tarnish your image. Please, forgive them,
because you are a lion. A lion don’t walk in the company of ordinary
animals. Remember, God has given you the power to rule over those who
are spoiling your name unnecessarily.

Before I forget, I want to use this medium to thank you immensely for
the timely completion of the Abuja International Airport runway which
is rated by many aviation experts as the best in Nigeria.
In fact, you displayed pragmatic leadership by ensuring the completion
of the $1.457 billion Abuja-Kaduna rail line conceived by the
government of Olusegun Obasanjo which was kick started by Goodluck
Jonathan administration. The rail line will no doubt ensure
comfortable life for every citizen of Nigeria especially through
employment creation and the overall of the country. These
has already begun as a lot of people are every day moving from one
destination to another through the rail line across the six
geo-political zones of the country which for long was not happening as
a result of negligence and poor management. I am thanking you for
sending a bill to the National Assembly to facilitate the
establishment of the National Transport Commission and Nigerian
Railway Corporation to regulate and to create further opening
opportunities for private sector investment into critical transport
infrastructure. In fact you amaze me and the entire Nigerians with
your mature way of ensuring a harmonious working relationship with
your Minister of State for Aviation, to ensure timely and quick
completion of the international terminal at Akanu Ibiam International
Airport in Enugu State which was begun during Goodluck government and
your effort towards ensuring that Nigeria becomes a member of the
International Maritime Organization through voluntary submission.


Your other achievements within the short time that is making a lot of
Nigerians to believe in your style of leadership includes initiation
of moves for the establishment of a new national shipping line through
a public private partnership arrangement. Establishment of inland
ports, inauguration of the Bakasi steering and delivery committee as
well as plans for the construction of deep seaport in Lekki and
All these earthshaking achievements alone will make people to hate
you! However, be focus and never be deterred to go along with the
truth which you have been known for right from your childhood.

 Aaron Mike Odeh wrote from Abuja

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