It was like the gathering of all in Adanta  community of Isiokpo yesterday as APC commenced the long-ecpected distribution of special EMPOWERMENT FORMS to

the masses under the aegis of the party.

Shortly after introducing the the main agendum of the meeting, which is the Form, the chapter chairman of the Party, Mr Madume Egu, called on the thousands of party surporters and  enthusiasts present to line up and orderly approach the high table as the secretary calls each name one after the other according to the party’s unit-to-unit register

Members were highly excited and impressed with the initiative as it has come to crystalize the notion that the party truly cares for the welfare and wellbeing of its members. The form as designed, has the capability of providing sufficient data to direct the suitability of each member to be empowered either via Trade, Skill, Commercial Farming, Employment or Education Support (for students).

Meanwhile, earlier on, the meeting withness the open denunciation of PDP and declaration for APC by several PDP stalwarts in Adanta village, which is the home of one of the renown and influential APC BigWigs and Leaders in the state, Hon Chris Oyirinda Amadi, Christened BABA DUDU by his loving people, for his extreme philanthropist posture and special ability to mobilise both the young and old around him. Those who spoke on behalf of the decampees were Mr Ndah Okpora, who lamented the unprecedented lugubrious situation where the PDP government could not consider an Isiokpo Son or Daughter worthy of being made a commissioner or SA, as compared to the last regime of Chibuike Amaechi, where Isiokpo could boast of an elected local government Chairman, 4 SAs and a state Liaison officer in charge of Lagos (west). The other decamper- speaker seized, Mr Aliche Mgbechi lampooned the Wike-led government for having no positive plan for the youths, apart from arming them into professional criminality. They both promised to mobilise their wards, boys and cronies to disgrace the PDP during the March 19th Rivers Rerun.

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The chapter Chairman on behalf of superior Leaders of the party, welcomed the crowd of decampees to the fold of change, and assured them of equitable integration into the party. He also assured members, who are raising concerns for their wards and relatives that were conspicuously and uncontrollably absent from the meeting yesterday, not to worry, as they will be given their own forms when present in subsequent meetings, as it was the directive of the Leader of the chapter, Hon Chris, to only distribute the form to members present in meetings.

The chapter gathering was graced with the presence of grassroot leaders like Elder Ogugu John Kinika Aka Bob K, Mr Goody Grant, Dr Chris Dimkpa- Chairman, Adanta APC Elders Forum (who had a brief presence) Mr Chika Amadi, Mr Madume Egu – chapter chairman, Mr Mbara Kenneth Wobodo – Chapter Secretary, Pastor Okachukwu K- NonRiV Head, Mr Progress Johnson –  Host, Unit 002 Cordinator among other chapter leaders. Also present as an official envoy of the party was Postmodernist Victor Nwobike – Kelga Cordinator, Greater Together New Media Team & Member representing Ward 1 in APC  Kelga Media and Publicity Committee.

Members left the meeting reinvigorated and motivated…as a cross section of members, who were intervied by GTNMT KELGA  special correspondence, all promised to give in their best to run with the empowerment good , and  harvest more people, both  into the fold of the party and to various voting points, to deliver the party during the rerun.

Kelga Election Media and Publicity Committee/ GTNMT Kelga.

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