Acquiring a Landed Property will reduce Economic Stress ~~ Solomon Diri.

In the face of growing economics tension in Nigeria following the of drastic reduction in  global price of crude oil which now sells for 30$ per barrel, in the global market a Real Estate Consultant, Mr. Solomon Diri said the only way  Nigerians can overcome the possibile economic hardship that lies ahead is to own a home or landed property of their own,at least to secure their shelter.

Mr. Solomon who is the CEO of SED Properties, a Real Estate Company stated this during a chat with our reporter.

He said  ” With the recent development in the global market, it is important for Nigerians to brace up and prepare for what obviously lies ahead, and one major point of that plan should include owning a land. This is because, ones you buy a land or a house of yours, it saves you whole lots of economic and mental stress. Particularly on the area of paying for House Rent, and all that. Apart from having a permanent place of shelter, you can now plan out for other expenses knowing that you have a place to lay your head without any sleepless night of where the next money for rent will come from, and of course where the rent money is readily available, it can then be channeled into solving other domestic economic needs, and this surely can help reduced economic stress”

Speaking further, Mr. Diri emphasized that any investment in real Estate is a life investment that does not depreciate nor backfire, but rather usually brings huge return with numerous options and usage. ” Once you buy a land for example, you can decide to use it for many things,as it pleases you, you can decide to leave it for a while, build on it for public rentage or even re-sell at a higher rate,so either way, you are covered and of course,as a natural gift of nature, it doesn’t depreciate.This is why I choose to call it ; a win!win! gain! gain!process for every investor. So I strongly feel Nigerians needs to take advantage of this very sector and purchase a land for their diverse usage and purposes as we gear up for the next phase economic realities on ground he added”

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Recall that,there was a recent shake up in the globalmarket which saw to a sharp drop of oil price in the global market courtesy of a major trade disagreement between key players in the global oil Industry such as Saudi-Arabia,Russia and the United States. The recent development according to economic experts pave a great danger for the Nigeria mono which depends heavily on crude oil export as main stay of its foreign exchange.

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