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5 Things You Should Never Do On Someone Else’s Phone

There are some situations where you find yourself using the
phone of a friend, colleague or your significant other. For some people, this
may be very uncomfortable because they don’t like someone else going through
their .

This is because they store personal information that is not meant
for the eyes of just any random individual. And definitely, there are
individuals who have the knack for checking other people’s phone. What are they
looking for? This said, if you find somebody phones in your hands, Jumia
shares 5 things you should never do.

Do not pick the phone without permission
In some love relationships where trust is absent, the
tendency of checking phone without express permission is very high. They check
received calls, pick calls and read private messages which are not supposed to
be the case. This actions rather than remove the cheating suspicion usually
intensify it. Beyond relationships, it is awkward to pick someone else’s phone
or calls without their permission.
Don’t guess the password
If you do not know the password, don’t bother to guess the
password. This is because if you enter the wrong password, the phone will be
locked temporarily. Due to your actions, the owner of the phone has to spend
money to unlock. Why not just ask them for the password?
Don’t use their data
Your friend briefly hands you his phones and the next thing
you is to freely use their data to download files and check your emails. You
completely forgot that it is not your phone. So, don’t use someone else’s phone
data or WiFi without their consent.
Don’t go through their photos
There are all sorts of things that people save on their
phones including private photos, videos, and documents. So, if someone hands
you their phones, it is not an opportunity to go through their pictures because
you may see images that are not meant for your eyes. If you do this, you may
end up jeopardising your relationship with the owner of the phone.
Don’t sign out their account

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