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5 Things Amaechi Needs To Do To Defeat Atiku Effortlessly.

Amaechi in a handshake with President Bujari

Well Amaechi has been on the lime light in recent times and seems to be a prominent candidate for the .

Being a prominent candidate is just 1 amongst several other steps to becoming the president.

Below are 5key steps to be taken by amaechi to defeat atiku effortlessly.

1, Unite the South East and South South: charity they say begins at home. Amaechi is originally from the South south region of the country, being a member of the APC is a huge set back for amaechi as both region has deep hatred for the party, however the emergence of one of their own blood for the party main ticket might be the beginning of a new relationship. Amaechi would have to go back to the drawing board to unite the growing lost brotherhood amongst both region who has always worked together politically for their interest.

2, Make peace with tinubu:

Tinubu can never be overlooked in the political space, he’s the most influential politician in the South West in today’s time, Amaechi would have to slug out all bad blood between himself and tinubu to trigger a positive relationship amongst the South. Tinubu earning the respect and support of tinubu would go a long way in giving the opposition party a major headache in the presidential race.

3, pick el-rufai as running mate:

The North West is the most influential aspect of the northern political space. Picking a prolific and influential candidate would go a long way in boosting the political chance of any presidential aspirant. So far so Good amongst the APC members, el-rufai seems to boast of being influential and prolific. He’s been outstanding in development and also a very popular candidate.

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El-rufai has managed to keep his peace amongst Northerners political elites hences giving opposition little chance to exploit his weakness. He’s political track records are sellable with el-rufai still boasting of being the best minister of f.c.t till date.

4, Maintain his positive relationship with Buhari:

Buhari we all know has proven time and time again to be the most influential northern politician. Never in his life time has he ever lost an in the North to any candidate including his fellow Northernern. He defeated Jonathan twice in the North, Obasanjo also, his fellow state man late yaradua and also Atiku. Buhari is mostly respected in the northeastern part of the country as he was one time of the region. Buhari supporting Amaechi presidential ambition would go a long way in gaining him amaechi lots of vote from the region.

5 Continue his positive work:
No doubt Amaechi is seen as the best Governor of , his achievements as Governor of rivers state has not been matched till today. He continued his positive work as minister of transportation by reviving our already dead rail tracks. Such achievements is very rare in today’s politician.

Amaechi continuing is good work would go a long way in making him a sellable candidates to the masses come

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