The forum of Caretaker Committee () Chairmen of the () in has petitioned the National Judicial Council (NJC) and the Chief Judge of Rivers State, Justice Adanma Laminkara over the likelihood of bias and and abuse of judicial discretion as part of a larger plot to destroy the APC in Rivers State and extinguish the party off the political firmament in the state inorder to confer a single-party status on the state, deny the people the option of choices and condemn the state to a garrison command with Governor as lord of the manor.

The CTC Chairmen in their petition drew the attention of the world to what is happening in Rivers state judiciary; the speedy trial of political cases involving the APC in a grand scheme to run the party aground courtesy of an unholy alliance between internal saboteurs and their external paymasters.

Overwhelming evidences of persons with consanguinal relationship with judges filing cases against the APC does not require deafness or dumbness on the part of any lover of due process and justice.

Copies of the petition of the CTC Chairmen which was made available to the media was copied to the CJN Tanko Mohammed, the National Judicial Council (NJC), Chief Justice of Rivers state Adanma Laminkara and Justice Lemea Ngbor Abina.

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